A new beginning

January 29, 2015

Back in June 2007 a little blogspot was born.  My Reading Spot.  I loved reading and sharing what I was reading.  My husband was a busy-busy medical student and I was a stay home mom to two little boys with extra time on my hands.  My little blog had ups and downs and had a good run.  I did some author interviews.  I received free books for reviews.  I even was quoted on the back of a book once!

Then life happened.
3 more kids.  My husband entered residency.  Many hours and hours of hard work.  And I let life get in the way of my little Reading Spot.

Fast forward 8 years:

We are now a family of 7.  We also live with my father-in-law as we build a medical practice (so that makes 8).  I don’t know how to cook for 2.  I cook for at least 12 so we have leftovers.  I work part time jobs and run kids from one activity to another.  But I still read.

Almost a year ago one of my sisters got me hooked on running.  Since then I’ve ran two 5Ks, one 10K and one half.  My second half marathon will be this summer. I am not a fast runner.  But I am a runner.

In 2014 I set a goal to myself to read 100 books. I blogged about them every month on our family blog.  I didn’t know if I could really finish 100 books.  But I did. This year my goal is to read 52.  I feel like a little bit of a slacker only reading 52 after 100.  But it is what it is.

I’m excited to give this a new try.

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    Doing what you love and finding time to have a new hobby despite all your work-load in your house…well…that’s an amazing feat! Not everyone could do a lot all at the same time. With 5 kids plus 1 (father-in-law), I could imagine tons of work in the house and yet you still manage to blog, run and read books. I salute you! you are a great woman!

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