Book Review: Angels To Bear You Up

February 20, 2015


Angels to Bear You Up
Judy C. Olsen
151 pages
Hard copy edition

From the publisher:
As Latter-day Saints, we often speak in sweeping generalities about the Lord’s abundant love for His children, yet our experience with that love most often comes on a personal level, in the form of strength and comfort amidst our particular challenges. Such experiences are the focus of this engaging collection of true stories told by ordinary members of the Church, each testifying of the Savior’s extraordinary care for us, both as individuals and as families. Set in a variety of situations, from the familiar surroundings of home to dramatic scenes of danger, these first-hand accounts of divine love in action describe quiet affirmations as well as miraculous interventions. This tender follow-up to the beloved book Angels Round About shows us how the Spirit brings luminous meaning to everyday moments and inspires us to seek that heavenly influence in our own lives.

I saw this book and thought it would be a good book to have around for a bad day (month or even year), if that makes any sense. I hope I’m not the only one that has those. It is a collection of short stories of miracles and experiences many latter-day saints have experienced. Sometimes it’s comforting to know you are not alone.  That other’s have been there and that there are blessings all along the way. It’s easy to pick up and start anywhere in the book, and great read for a Sunday morning or afternoon.  I thought this would also be a good book for references if you have a lesson to teach, a program to put together or a talk.  I think it will be a good “reference” tool for bad days or just when I need a little bit of spiritual pick me up.  Just know, you might need a box of tissues handy too.

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