Book Review: Living Well Spending Less

February 6, 2015


Living Well Spending Less
Ruth Soukup
227 pages
Kindle edition

From the Publisher:
Living Well, Spending Less was written to bring hope and encouragement to every woman who
currently feels overwhelmed or stressed with a life–and budget–that feels out of control. It speaks to the mom trying to juggle all the demands of a busy life with the pressure to keep up
with those around her.  It is a practical guide for those of us who often long to pull ourselves together but don’t always know how. It is real, honest, packed with practical tips, and speaks to the heart of the matter–how can we live the life we’ve always wanted?

I try to mix it up every month and read a mixed amount of fiction/non-fiction.  I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE non-fiction and self help books.  This book and site has been popping up on my Facebook feed for the last couple months.  Facebook must know what they are doing.  I love these type books and sites.  I honestly hadn’t heard of her website, Living Well, Spending Less, until it started showing up all over my Facebook.  But now that I know about it, I love it.  I really enjoyed this book.  I still think Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom is my ultimate money-saving-mommy-blog hero, (and she actually recommends this book too!) but I loved how real and personal Ruth is in this book.  This book was really relate-able.  I found it easy to read and loved the 12 steps/secrets.  You can also sign up to get emails about each one as well, which was fun.

I bookmarked a lot of pages and found myself highlight a lot as I was reading along.  I think this will be a book I can refer to again and again.  Maybe it’s just me, but every once in a while life just gets rough and it’s good to remember that the good life is not about money, things or possessions, but it’s about family and memories and enjoying life.

If you enjoy money saving/mommy blogs I think you would enjoy following this one, or checking out this book.  It’s also sold at Target stores, if you prefer a hard copy.  I really loved it and have found myself reading a couple of Ruth’s other books as well.

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