Weekend Wrap Up: 2

February 15, 2015

The kids have Presidents Day off of school today and we are all happy it’s a long weekend.  Two good runs happened this weekend – and I even got outside!  YAY!

So I set this goal to run at least 8 miles on Saturdays.  I’ve been doing pretty good and have got at least 8 miles in 3 Saturdays in a row so far…But then this Saturday came and I’ll be honest, I really did not want to do it.  I was tired and just had a bad attitude.  I had an extra couple hours I could pick up at work, so I was debating if I wanted to run AND do that extra couple hours all on Saturday. 

So Friday night I just decided to at least try.  I did the trick I read about all the time…to sleep in your running clothes.  I had my shoes all ready right next to my bed and the treadmill is like 30 -50 steps away, just down the hall.  I could at least get on and try.

5am comes early on a Saturday morning when you have a bad attitude though.

I told myself to make it to 4 miles.  I watched Upstairs Downstairs from Masterpiece and ran and ran.  And then I told myself to make it to 6 miles.  And then I figured I just needed to run 20 more minutes.

8 miles.  10:33 pace.

Then i figured the kids were up, so I headed to get the work at the school done too.  Cleaning rooms the day after a holiday party is never fun.  Glitter.  Glitter. and more glitter.  I really can’t stand that stuff.  But a couple hours later that was done too.  I hurried home and did all my Friday housecleaning jobs done because Friday was a hectic crazy day. I had spent the day running around finishing up details and having my 6 year old’s Teddy Bear Picnic Party…and on top of it got rear ended at a stop sign.  (Yes…I do all the housecleaning jobs friday. top to bottom.  wipe and just surface clean other days.  but always deep cleaning friday.  laundry days  are tuesday and fridays.  I’m a little crazy)  (Unless it’s a special day, like a birthday, and then I do it Saturday.)

Back to Saturday, honestly, I didn’t get a shower until 1:30, and I was completely exhausted by the end of the day.   We celebrated Valentines by going to a Jr. Jazz game for our 10 year old and letting the other 4 run wild on the bleachers.  I attempted a salmon dinner, that ended up blah.  I bet I could win an award for the best valentine date ever.  My husband ran and got us some shakes from Article Circle after the kids were in bed.  We are pretty exciting like that.  

I finished the week with 23 miles logged.  5 on Monday, 3.5 Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 Thursday and then 8 Saturday. 
I was excited for so many reasons that it was a long weekend. One, I really needed a day “off” after that crazy busy friday/saturday (Sunday was pretty busy too).  AND it meant that I could go on an outside long run with my sister!  So this morning I met at her house and we headed out for a 6 mile run.  There are not many better ways to start your day than a run with your sister and watching the sun come up over Timp.
Maybe not the best pace,but I talk way too much when I run with my sister.  So I am always catching my breath.  It was SO nice to be outside.  I am looking forward to spring, and I’m almost to my year mark of when I started running!

 I’m still ahead of where I should be for my Biggest Loser goal of 120 miles in 6 weeks!  Counting this morning’s run, I’ve run almost 91 miles!  29 miles to my goal and then anything after that is bonus!

It’s been a nice long weekend.  I’m glad to have today off and let the kids veg and everyone hang out at home.

My goal this week: run at least 25 miles by Saturday.  
6 down.  
19 to go.

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