Weekend Wrap Up: 3

February 23, 2015


“What’s said on a long run, stays on the long run”
That was our motto for this weekend’s Saturday run.

But first, let me back up to Friday night.  Friday night my good friend offered to babysit for us.  So we could go on a date!  A DATE!.  (Well she did more than offer, because she said if I didn’t take her up on it, she would come and take the children no matter what.)  When I told the kids that evening that they were going over to their friend’s house because we were going on a date, my 6 year old girl looked at me and said, 
“Well, it’s about time”

We had a nice date.  We really don’t get out on dates as much as we should.  Our oldest can babysit, but he doesn’t really love it, and we don’t really use him that often so finding a babysitter for five kids…or should I say affording a babysitter for 5 kids, really is a struggle.  We used a gift card of of the teachers at the school gave me and enjoyed dinner at Kneaders. I think my husbands jaw hit the floor when I ordered something besides a turkey, bacon, avocado.  (I ordered a BLT, with avocado.  Because really, avocado makes everything better)

Then, because my friend already texted  me and told us we could not come get the kids yet, we had to let them stay, we did a little shopping.  I found this awesome shirt at Kohls for $8.  Too good to pass up.  I think it might be my new personal favorite shirt.

I run like a girl. Try and keep up.

Saturday morning, bright and early, four of us headed out for long run.  I’ve really gotten used to the treadmill and really like using it during the week, but running with friends is so much better.  It’s like therapy.  We might not be fast, but we had a good time.  And we still got 8.59 miles in.  10:31 min pace. Here are the splits.

I’m going to call it a 8.5 mile run.  Because I am so frustrated with Map My Run.  My sister owns a fancy Garmin watch, because she is hardcore and awesome and has run a lot of marathons. She finished the run with around 8.3, but she hadn’t started it at the same time after our 4 mile break.  My friend who was also running got 9.44 miles with a 9:34 minute pace using Map My Run?! Our other friend ran only the first four with us, but her Map My Run quit working and only said she burned 6 calories or something silly like that.  I know Map My Run is free, but why so many differences?  I really think at some point I’ll have to buy a fancy watch.  But currently I need a new computer…and after last weekend I need a new van too.

We had a bit of a walking break in mile 7.  Because a dog came out of no where and tried to attack my sister’s leg.  I was worried.  She said after she wasn’t too worried, but it was a big dog.  And I’m not a big dog (or any kind of dog) person.  Once we stopped running and walked and yelled at him a big, he left us alone.  Maybe I’ll have to find something to keep dogs away while running.  Just another thing to carry.  And while we were walking I did get a good picture of the sunrise coming up over the lake.

My workout week ended up pretty good.  I’m still ahead of my track to meet my Biggest Loser Goal of 120 miles in 6 weeks.  

6.22 on Monday, 4 Tuesday, 2 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, Friday off and 8.58 on Saturday.

I guess I could have run longer Wednesday, but I didn’t really make the time, my parents were in town for only 24 hours and I had to (chose to) go sit in the kindergarten registration line that day.  AM kindergarten and four of five kids in school, here we come! 

(FYI, I have had kids in AM and PM kindergarten.  They both have drawbacks and positives.  I am not a firm believer in one or the other.  I AM a believer in doing what works best for your family and kid that year)

I did set the goal to run 25 miles though this week.  And after seeing my workout summary email, I wanted to go run around the block once.  24.81.  You’ve got to be kidding me.

The rest of the weekend was good.  My husband helped two of the boys finish pinewood derby cars.  I read 3 books.  We watched a redbox movie Saturday night. It was so-so.  Sunday morning I made a triple batch of pancakes thinking I could freeze some for this upcoming week.  Then the kids ate half and finished them all off this morning.  So much for them lasting. Our nephew came home from his mission this week and we went to his homecoming Sunday too.

I might not have made exactly 25, but it was a good week.

I think I’ll shoot for 25 again this week.  Better to aim high than shoot low.

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