Book Review: Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter

March 31, 2015

It’s Easter week!  I love Easter week.  I love celebrating and teaching my family about the real meaning of Easter.  It’s a great time of the year!  I’ve read a couple good Easter-themed books this year and I thought I would share them all this week.  I also love this.  #becausehelives


Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter
Emily Belle Freeman
96 pages
hard copy edition

From the Publisher:
From the author of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas and The Peter Potential comes Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter, a new book that focuses on seven different personal experiences with the Lord that took place just before and just after His suffering, sacrifice, and Resurrection. Each of the stories is a personal witness of Jesus’ individualized ministry. In addition, the author invites us to participate in seven traditions that will help us have a greater understanding and deeper appreciation for the miracles that surround the celebration we call Easter.

This is a short little book that I saw at the book store recently and thought it would be full of some good ideas for the week of Easter.  It’s similar in size to the short Time Out Classic series that I love too – great for Sunday afternoons or an hour here or there.

I read this book in one sitting, and then have gone back and studied and researched and marked what stories, songs and activities I to use with my family during this week.  It is divided into seven chapters, or traditions so you could easily do one a day, or even start these lessons early on in the spring and have one a week leading up until Easter.  I think these are different than most Easter books that I’ve read because each chapter focuses on a person, or people who were part of Christ’s life.

Each chapter has a story, a song a scripture and a tradition.  It’s a perfect way to incorporate a little bit more about Christ and the true meaning of Easter into your Easter week.

This would be a fun little gift to give to a neighbor, friend or even someone you visit or home teach.  I’ve always enjoyed and loved learning from Emily Freeman’s books, this one is no different.  Great book and resource!

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