Friday Five

March 20, 2015

Five tidbits from my week this week:


1. Race day is tomorrow!  I picked up my packet today.  It’s just a small 5K, but I’m really hoping to go a little faster and break under 30 minutes.  When I ran my first 5K my goal was to run the entire time.  My time was 35.05.  When I ran  my second one my time was 32:17 (and I also stopped to eat 2 cupcakes, because it was a cupcake run…long story).  I don’t claim to be fast.  But I would love to break 30 minutes.

Plus I get to use my new watch!

 2. I found this article on Runner’s World this week, it’s a profile about a runner, but my favorite part is this quote:

 My mindset is “one hour a day is only 4 percent of my entire day…
be the 4 percent.

 3. I love to read ebooks and there are so many out there.  They are usually short (ish) and easy to read.  And most of the time you can find so many offered that are free. (or under a dollar)  I think anyone can make one…some are great and helpful, but some really aren’t worth even the free download.  (I usually download a whole bunch at one time and then read/skim them while I have an extra minute….like when the littles are sitting nice and quiet in the tub….aka: seeing how much water can end up on the outside of the tub versus inside as they turn the bathroom into an indoor water park…and just for the record, if you take your kindle in the bathroom during littles bath time sit as far away from the tub as you can).
Here are a few ebooks that I’ve read this week.

Adventures in Book Reviewing: A Question-and-Answer Guide About Blogging & Getting Free Books: this book wasn’t too bad. It was free so I can’t complain.  I had a couple questions answered, but there wasn’t a ton of information that I didn’t already know.  I am just happy reading and reviewing the books like I always have been. 

Frugal Living: Simple Tips on How to Spend Less, Save Money and Enjoy Life on a Budget : nothing really new here.  I just have a thing for reading books about being frugal and spending money.  They are addictive to me, although they are pretty much all the same.  I am waiting for the one that tells me how to make massive medical school student loan debt to disappear.  I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Blog Prompts: this book was pretty good.  It’s a compilation of lists and had some pretty good ideas that I could use.  Although, I’ll be honest, I usually don’t have a problem coming up with things to talk about. haha.  I think I’ll keep this book around though, it could be useful.  It would be fun to read the questions and prompts on date night too.

Cheap And Delicious: I love getting cook books for free.  Sometimes they are worth it, and sometimes they are not.  This was one was a little bit on the lower end for me, but I’ve read worse.  Making things from scratch is always the way to go if you want to save money in the kitchen.  But I was surprised/confused when in the same book it talked about using season packets and mixes.  

4.  I was so excited this week!  I got a new laptop recently and I noticed it had a kindle app.  Then one day this week my kindle’s battery died while I was reading at school pick up.  

Right at the good part.  
Right when the story was getting good.  

While I sat at the table helping with homework I kept eyeing  my laptop and wondered…..what if….

I opened up the kindle app and logged in and guess what?  My book was right there! 
Right there!  
and Bookmarked!

Maybe this is silly news, but I was pretty excited.  I sat and read and helped with homework and charged my kindle battery.

Do you read on a kindle or prefer real books?  I really like both for different reasons.  
I’d love to hear what you think.  I want to post about this soon.

 5. Have you seen this?  My husband is always telling me he is bored when he runs on the treadmill. It’s one of the reasons that he says he doesn’t so it very often. I think he should learn this:

Happy Friday – have a great weekend!

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