Friday Five & Winner

March 13, 2015


Five random tidbits from my week:

1.  I do a plank every morning. It gets pretty boring but the only thing I can think of to recite in my head is the Young Women’s theme.  Do you plank?  How long?  What do you think about?  What else should I work on memorizing?

2.  Downton and Grantchester ended.  sad.  I needed a new show to watch, so I decided to try Friday Night Lights.  Holy Cow! Talk about channeling my former small town southern cheerleader!  How have I missed this show!? I have so many fun memories coming back to me the whole time I watch this.  Thank you Friday Night Lights.  I ran 8 miles Wednesday night and didn’t even think about it.  (at one point I even yelled out loud “catch it!”  I bet my family in the other room thought that was funny.

3.  I updated the treadmill wall with my future race dates. Something about looking at those dates really makes me want to run when I don’t want to.   I think I might be crazy to sign up for two half marathons a couple weeks apart. I also have a 5K planned, just so I can see how fast I can go. I also started my first couple weeks of training!   I am such a nut. I love crossing off each day. It’s just as good as crossing off items on my to-do list.  I love lists.

4.  I like to go to bed early at night and read.  But I am not a night reader.  Honestly, sometimes (most of the time) I just really fall asleep.  My husband thinks this is so funny.  He took a nice picture of me sleeping sitting up holding my kindle this week. I will NOT be posting it.   I would rather get up early and read when the house is quiet.  When do you like to read?

5.  And…Winner-Winner-Chicken-Dinner!  Since my blog is pretty small still, we are pretty fancy around here. At lunch time while the Dr. was home we put put all the entries in a bowl and had him pull one out. Having a Dr. do it instead of the kids makes it more official, right?

 The Winner of The Crystal Locket is:  July!  Who said: 
“Awesome! Cayman would love this because of the golden locket”

I think Cayman will really love it!  I will get in touch with you soon.  

If you didn’t win, don’t worry.  I have another giveaway planned in the next couple weeks.  A new book by Josie Kilpack!  It’s a really great book. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Have a great weekend!

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