Weekend Wrap Up: 5

March 9, 2015

It was a nice relaxing weekend. And since today is a teacher workshop day today, we get a long weekend too!
I finished up my miles for Biggest Loser on Wednesday and decided to take Thrusday and Friday off from running last week.  I decided I really needed to throw in some different cross training in my week and did Julian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout Thursday morning.  It really kicked my butt. 

really kicked my butt.

I know, I know, really need to cross train more. But honestly, running really just makes me feel better most days.

I feel quite silly about this.  I mean I can run 10 miles and feel pretty good at the end, but this short 20 minute workout really had me feeling so sore. Friday morning I was really sore, but I decided to do it again.  (or at least attempt) My 3 littles decided to do it with me too. Life of a mom.  Abs with my 2 year old sitting on me while my 4 year old stole my phone and took 500 pictures of me all while trying not to kick my 6 year old who insisted in standing RIGHT next to me.  It was a great workout.

Friday night I was pretty tired and feeling so sore, but I made plans with my sister to run so I would have to get up and do it.  We were shooting for 11, but ran out of time and finished with 10.  It was a great run though.  And we finished with a pretty good time.

Here are the splits.  I am pretty proud of that…we were pretty fast!

I spent the rest of the day not doing much.  Grocery shopping is always fun on Saturday.  Not really.  I feel like I could add an extra mile (or even two) to that workout for getting through a week’s worth of groceries at Walmart on a Saturday with 5 kids…solo since my husband was out on the trail riding ATV’s with his dad.

I am going to be honest.  By Saturday afternoon I was really tanking; the combo of those two workouts and a 10 mile run were not good.  I texted my husband and he said to run over to his office and grab some Biofreeze to try.

This stuff is like a miracle!  I used one sample and I am hooked.  It really made my legs feel so much better and when I woke up Sunday morning I could actually move without feeling like I was walking funny.  The hub is going to have to get me more of this stuff.  It really was great.

I spent the rest of the weekend reading and being lazy with the kids.  I finished 2 books and read through 4 ebooks.  I am so excited, I have an author interview and some giveaway’s planned in the next couple weeks!

I finished my week by making my 25 mile goal.  I’m not sure what I want to set for my goal this week. Maybe 15 miles. I want to cross train more.  Maybe the 30 day shred a couple days a week wouldn’t be too bad of an idea.  Or even biking some days too.  I can read while I bike.  That is one big bonus!

What are your goals this week?  
Have you ever tried Biofreeze?  
What do you think…can I really count short-ish length e-books as books towards my reading goal for the year? I’m not really sure what I think about that.

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