Weekend Wrap Up: 7

March 23, 2015

It’s Monday -and weekend wrap up time again.

And it was a great weekend because it was a race weekend!

Let me start by saying, a 10 am start time is crazy late for me.  I was SO bored Saturday morning.  I just wake up around 5, every day. no matter what.  Typically on a Saturday I can run a 10 miler, shower and be ready for the day before 10am.  I woke up and decided I could read some of my book.  Then I quickly got distracted by looking up running hair styles on Pinterest!  Geez.  A lot of wasted time later, I did my hair the exact same way that  I’ve done it for all my other races. (Braid and pony tail) My husband helped me create a playlist on itunes, since I always seem to download the wrong version of the songs I like.  I either download the one that includes the explicit lyrics, (and I have to sing a silly word really loud over the bad word when the kids are in the room) or I download the version of the song not even by the real performer – like by kidz bop or something like that.  I am just no good on itunes.  Ask my family.  

Thanks to my husband I got some good tunes.  The right ones.

notice below: I run with one ear bud in and one out.  Am I the only one that does this?  I just got used to always doing this so I can hear cars, or more importantly (when I’m on the treadmill) the kids.

I think my husband’s finishing line picture taking skills has improved.  Last time he came they were all blurry.  Way to go, babe, I actually look like a runner in these!

I like to run, but I am not fast.  Running a 10 minute mile is hard for me.  My goal was to run this faster than 30 minutes. 

My finishing time was 26.24!  I bet my time by 4 minutes!

Here are my splits….although I have to say, I am a little bugged.  My sister and I both used our Garmin watches and came out under 3 miles on this course.  Not a full 3.1 miles for a 5K.  We think the course was just a little short.  We didn’t cut corners.  I pressed my watch exactly at the beginning balloon arch and at the end balloon arch.  I would be curious to know what other’s recorded who ran the race.  I know there are a couple other friends who ran it too. 

Oh well – it was a cheap race and I thought it was fun.  And I am super proud of my split times.  I don’t expect to be this fast for my half marathons this summer, but it’s fun to say I beat my goal.  

I have to say, I LOVED my new Garmin watch this week. I loved the fact that I could set it to show my pace while running and I just had to glance down and make sure I was always under 9:30 to make my goal.  It was so much easier than my phone.  The last mile I switched it to show the mileage and then ran hard without looking at it (too much).

My sister ran this race too.  But she probably won’t even post the cute picture that my husband got of her at the finish, or admit that she rocked this race.  She probably wouldn’t be happy with me if I posted her time, but I have to brag….she finished under 24 minutes, and beat a previous personal record.  She really rocked it.  She is fast.  She is my running hero.

My weekly mileage wasn’t as good as it has been, but I still think it was a good week.

I ran outside (with my new watch!) Monday and Wednesday.  I did a 30 Day Shred video on Tuesday.  I took Thursday and Friday off.  It was nice to have a down week.  I had a muscle in my thigh that was giving me trouble the week before and this seems to have done the trick.  My husband always tells patients to take time off/take it easy when they hurt.  Guess he knows what he is talking about.

We did some spring cleaning yard work when I got home, we enjoyed some happy hour Sonic drinks, and moved around some furniture that day too.  We also managed to watch a red box movie too.  My muscles were sore Sunday!  Sunday we went to my best friend’s baby blessing and had a nice relaxing afternoon.

But the race weekend wasn’t over yet.  While making dinner my husband mentioned something about running faster than me.  what?  WHAT?  He really said he could run faster than me.  He is not a runner.  And I was not going to let this go.  I totally called him out on this and challenged him to a race.
The kids really got excited about this!

Then he tried to set some terms…I wanted to run to the train tracks and back, which would be about .75 miles.  He wanted to run to the corner and back, probably about .10 of a mile.  He says he would never agree to a distance run against me. haha

After dinner we headed outside.  A sprint to the corner fence and back.  I never should have agreed to a sprint race. I’m not fast and he was making me laugh too hard. In the end he says we tied, but I’m pretty sure he kicked my trash I’d like to use the excuse that the finish line was not clearly marked. haha  I’m not a speed runner.  He was skipping behind me, singing and making me laugh the entire time.  I guess I need to do more speed workouts.  We’ll have to have a re-match so I can claim my victory.

2 races.  
Fun times.
Great weekend.

I’m looking forward to this week. Back to running.  It’s going to be a busy week.
 I’m get to go with my 5th grader on an overnight field trip! Should be fun!
 I’m shooting for 20-25 miles this week.

Happy Monday!

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