Weekend Wrap Up: 8

March 30, 2015

Not the best week – not one I really want to do do over again any time soon.  Throughout the week six of the eight of us were hit with a horrible stomach bug.  It was not fun.  Because everyone was sick, every single mile I ran this week was on the treadmill.  That can be good and bad.

Good – I got to watch/catch up on shows, I could still check on sick kids every mile or two, and I still got to run
Bad – The weather is finally nice outside and I still was stuck inside, watching shows on my treadmill, lap after lap after lap.

I knew I would be going to camp with our oldest on Thrusday and Friday, so I wanted to run more miles Mon-Wednesday.  
5 miles on Monday on the treadmill, because I normally run on the treadmill on Monday mornings.  
Then Tuesday my 6 year old was sick, so another 5 miles on the treadmill, stopping every mile or 2 to check on her. Wednesday, same thing, 5 miles with lots of breaks.
We all watched WAY TOO MUCH tv this week.  But what else can you do with littles who are sick and not feeling good?

Thursday I left my poor sick husband with 4 recovering sick kids and my oldest and I were off to camp.  We had a good time Thursday.  We talked a lot about who we want to be and how we can become anyone we want.  We talked about fears and getting past them.  We hiked and had fun.  Friday he ended up feeling sick so we came home early.

When we got home I cleaned the house top to bottom, sprayed and wiped everything with Lysol and Clorox wipes.  I wanted to kick this bug.  I really wanted to go running too.  But the lack of sleep was really catching up with me.  I had been up all Monday night with one kid and all Wednesday night with 2 kids, and then up all night Thursday night with a bunch of 11 year old 5th grade girls at camp.  Fifth grade girls are so much giggly than my 5th grade boy! go figure.

I went to bed Friday and slept 10 hours.
10 hours!
I felt so much better after I woke up. I slept so long my running buddy friend texted me to see if I the bug had got me too, she knows I usually run early on Saturday and hadn’t seen me log any run yet.
Saturday morning I bust out 10 miles, on the treadmill to finish off the week. I watched the Hart of Dixie finale show…so sad the show is over, the finale was really good. Then I watched Friday Night Lights.  I must have a secret thing for Scott Porter because he’s in both the shows I love to watch while running.
It was not a great pace, and it took me a long time.  But I felt so good after I got it done.
25 miles total for the week.

Saturday we spent the day not doing much, just recovering and getting better.  Sunday we had church and family time.

I would love to get another 25 mile week done this week too, and hopefully a good outside run done too. I need to get some more cross training done too.
Here’s hoping for a good week – a better week than last week.

It’s Easter Week! I have some great Easter books I want to share this week.
Happy Monday.

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