Book Review: Worlds Aligned

April 14, 2015


Worlds Aligned
Gregory Felix
374 pages
Kindle Edition

From the Publisher:
Callan’s world is about to change. As he prepares to start at a new school in a new town, he stumbles upon a way to travel between here and Revandria—a world where fantasy is reality, mystical creatures roam the land, and true adventure awaits. Revandria is a beautiful, medieval place, but something has gone terribly wrong there for Callan and for those he cares about, especially his missing father. 

Worlds Aligned follows Callan as he travels between this world and Revandria to discover answers to the mystery of his dual-world citizenship. Courage and determination are key as a quest unfolds to save Callan’s family in both worlds, and he can succeed only with the help of his brother and some new friends. Callan’s life will never be the same, now that his worlds have aligned.

A few weeks ago my sister sent me a link to this book.  She said it was by a guy in their neighborhood and it might be a good “local” book for me to review on my blog.  I noticed that I could get it with Kindle Unlimited so I thought I would give it a try.  I quickly got hooked into the story and really enjoyed this book.

The story is about a boy Callan, who finds a way into a different world, one he can travel between here and there throughout the book.  One surprise is that he finds his family and friends live in both worlds as well.  I really enjoyed how the chapters in the book alternate between back and forth from Revandria and California.  There were plots and problems that Callan faced in both worlds and this really made you pay attention and wonder what would happen next.

At first I thought this would be a great book for my boys, but then I got thinking and decided this book would appeal to both boys and girls.  Girls….There was a little bit of boy likes girl..boy tries to impress and win girl’s heart and it was happening in both worlds at the same time.  Just a little touch of a love story, and I think girls might really love that.  (But not too much that my boys would think this book was gross either.)  I loved the girl in the book.  Hope was one of my favorite characters and I thought she made an excellent girl heroine and was a good example I think girls who read this story would love.  Boys…there is action, action and more action.  I think my boys would love some of the fights and creatures.  And I know both my boys and girls would love the part when Callan and his friends get back at the bully in high school.  (I had to laugh out loud to myself when I read that part of the book as well.)

I think if you love Fablehaven, Harry Potter, Spirit Animals, Percy Jackson or Candy Shop Wars (basically if you are a Brandon Mull fan, because we are!) I think you will really enjoy this book.  I think if you love fantasy books this is a book you should consider finding out more about.  The book was creative and magical and had twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.  I think it’s a book I could enjoy with my whole family together.  There’s no doubt that it’s going to be next up on our bedtime story lists.

I really think it’s important to support local.  Right now you can buy copies of this book on Amazon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can read this book for free!  There is also a facebook page and website too.

Stay tuned too, tomorrow I’ll feature an author interview – I think it’s so interesting learning more about the history and background of a book and the authors thoughts!

To help get the word out about this fun book, I thought I would do another giveaway this week! Fill out the rafflecopter below and leave a comment telling me, do you read out loud to your kids at bedtime? What do you read to them? 

This would make a great bedtime story.

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