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April 8, 2015

The other morning I was building blocks and towers with the little three.  It’s one of their favorite activities and we play blocks and towers and trains almost every morning.  While sitting there I picked up one of the wooden blocks with a letter one on it and asked my four year old what letter it was and what sound it made.  He quickly answered me.  That didn’t surprise me.  He’s pretty good at his letters and getting ready for kindergarten.  But what did surprise me was my two year old answered the next block first..and answered correctly!  Talk about a proud mama moment.  I then went through every block asking her what the letter was.  She could either say the letter name, or the sound.  Sometimes she would even sing it.  It was SO funny and so great to watch her little mind work.

I wish I could take credit for this.  But I’m pretty sure it’s all because anytime she gets a hold of my phone or her dad’s iPad she is obsessed with playing this game.

The Endless Alphabet App.
I know, I know, maybe my kids shouldn’t watch so much tv or play on my phone.  Whatever. I know this stuff. But then this happens.  And I watch her play this game and say the letters and sounds and she amazes me.  It can’t be all that bad for her, right?
When my six year old was the same age I would find her hiding with my phone playing the Starfall ABC app.  We also love the website too.  Now she is in kindergarten and reading like the boss.

Where was this stuff when my oldest was little?  (We didn’t even OWN a cell phone back then!) He is my one.  He has trouble reading, but not for lack of interest or trying. If only you could get extra points for enthusiasm or effort.  Technology these days is amazing!  (that makes me sound old)

But watching her, and thinking about this, makes me wonder – what is your favorite app or game that encourages reading?  

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