Friday Five

April 10, 2015

1.  It’s spring break.  I’ve been able to run outside every run. Monday morning I redeemed my horrible bad run with a nice 5 mile run outside.  It felt SO good and I had a decent pace. This week I’ve spent my mornings watching the sun come up over the mountains and running with friends.  It has been so nice.  One day we saw some deer and my friend even tried to save a baby lamb from escaping his pasture.  

My treadmill must have hurt feelings at this point.  But I’ll probably be friends with him again next week, so he shouldn’t worry too much.

2.  My treadmill must be a boy.  I wonder if I should name him.

3.  We knew the day would come.  Our nurse at the office got sick.  (And is doing much better now) So instead of fun spring break plans the kids got to hang out at home and watch lots of movies. It was a couple of yuck weather days, so they survived.  And I got to work for my favorite podiatrist.  Plus, he’s right across from Swig.  

4.  The kids have been watching The Lord of the Rings every night.  I sat through those movies with my husband the first time in the theater and that was enough for me.  So I do cross training and ride the  stationary bike that’s in the same room while they watch.  Of course, I’m watching Friday Night Lights.  I’m done with season one, and started season two last night. 

5.  And last…winner-winner-chicken-dinner!  I have two winners to announce for the Heart Revealed giveaway.

What would you take with you if you were exiled?  Everyone had good answers.  I don’t know if I could pick one, I loved all of your answers…I would want to take my husband, my phone, lots of diet coke! haha

The randomly chosen winners said:
“My first thought was my husband. Life is infinitely better when he’s around. Then I thought I’d better bring my kids too.”
And Shay:
“A kindle (loaded with books).”

Congratulations ladies!  I will contact you and get you your books so you start reading.  I can’t wait to hear what you think.  

For those who didn’t win…don’t worry.  I’m full of giveaways this month.  I have another one next week.  So stay tuned.

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