Weekend Wrap Up: 12

April 27, 2015

Good Monday Morning!  (I secretly love Monday mornings.  They mean: Back to routine.  Back to schedules.  I’m full of energy and ready for the week!)


It was a relaxing weekend around here. Do you ever have a weekend when you are just tired?  That was me this weekend.  Some of the kids had colds too, so we took advantage and had a lazy weekend and didn’t do much.  Saturday I ran 8.5 miles with my sister and friend.  We didn’t have the best pace, but it was good to get out.    I LOVE that is it lighter outside earlier.  We saw a beautiful sunrise and I loved the little trail we ran on.  It was a good route. I love running in the morning while the sun is coming up.
After my run (and cleaning the house), it was rainy and colder outside so I declared the rest of the weekend a lazy weekend.  This lead me to decided last minute to join the Dewey’s Read-a-thon.  Okay..I didn’t officially join, but I did try to make a point to read more during a 24 hour period this weekend.  Then when that was over, I kept reading. I enjoyed some good reading time this weekend.  The kids enjoyed playing cars and trains and building legos and watching Harry Potter movies.
It was so nice to have a good quilt (made by one of my best friends) and a good book by me all weekend.  I read through: 

American Heiress: 468 pages
Five chapters out loud of the second Janitors Book.  
(We were going to read Worlds Alighned next, but we borrowed it out, and we try to alternate letting the boys pick which book we read to them.  It was the 8 year old’s turn to pick. and he LOVES these janitor series.) 30 pages
Centisible meals: 85 pages
Mary, Martha and Me, 96 pages
Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss: 208 pages

Total pages read this weekend: 887

I’ll post reviews soon. But this is how I would sum them up: 
loved it (favorite of the weekend)
kids love it (I do too), 
it’s alright, 
great book for a Sunday afternoon (since we missed church) and 
it was alright.

I have to share two of my favorite finds this weekend:
First – I loved this part from The American Heiress.  I just thought it was perfect. 

And my second:  This sentence made me laugh out loud.  Seriously.  I just cracked up when I read it and my husband gave me a funny look.  Because clearly the author of this book has never had a Big Gulp Diet Coke on a bad day.  There is nothing better.
So wrapping it all up:  I think it was a good week for running and reading last week. 
Monday: 5 miles (on the treadmill)
Tuesday: 2 miles (on the treadmill)
Wednesday: 5.29 miles
Thursday: 2.51 speed workout…I ran my fastest mile!  8.36 pace
Friday off
Saturday; 8.5
Running Total: 23.3 miles

Reading total: 887 pages

Questions for the day:
-Did you run last week?  What was your mileage?

-Have you ever done a 24 hour read a thon? (or just had a lazy weekend like me?)  How much have you read in one weekend?
-When do you like to run, morning, afternoon or evening?

and most important question of the day:

-Have you ever found a Big Gulp satisfying?
(I cannot be the only one!)

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