Weekend Wrap Up:10

April 13, 2015

Saturday I ran a great 10 miles that felt amazing.  That is something i never thought possible a year ago.  But when I got home, I truly felt so good from that run!  Maybe it was endorphins, but it just felt great to accomplish a good 10 mile run.

My sister had a 7 mile run on her schedule, so I decided to do what she always does to me…and run to her house, instead of drive.  Since we live almost exactly 1.5 miles apart, it made up the difference and I got in my goal of 10 miles on Saturday.

Plus, look at those splits.  I am pretty impressed with miles 6-10.  Anything under a 10 minute mile is stretching it for me.

It was a great week for running.  Since it was spring break and I didn’t have to work at the school, I ran outside every single time I ran.  Plus I threw in some time spent on the exercise bike too. Since the bike is pretty quiet and in the same room as our TV, it’s an easy thing to do while the kids are watching movies, or my husband is watching basketball or a show.

Monday: 5.0
Tuesday: 4.25
Wednesday: Bike 4
Thursday: 4.37 and Bike: 12
Friday: 3.14
Saturday: 10.01

26.9 miles running and 42.9 miles total

I made up for all those miles when we went out to dinner with my husband’s family on Saturday and we made a huge dinner on Sunday too.  I like to eat.  I like to run.

Completely unrelated to the weekend, except for the fact that I got this email this weekend…I got my monthly work out summary from Map My Run.  Why I didn’t get it until this weekend I have no idea.  And why I am always ending with these numbers that drive me crazy I have no idea either.  Really…just 2 more miles..really only like 1.2 more miles to make it to 100.  I’m killing myself with the numbers!

And…..I’ve been looking at the race schedules for the fall (I like to register early).  I want to run one half in the fall, I’m thinking around October.  I’m looking at either the Pink Series one in Park City or the Layton Half.  They both sound pretty good and both sound like pretty routes.

Does any one have any good ones they suggest?  

And does anyone want to run with me?

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