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May 7, 2015

Summer is almost here!  Who’s ready?  I’ll be honest. I’m looking forward to not working at the school this summer. I’m looking forward to some good early morning runs with my sister and my friends. Those weeks between now and my two races keep dwindling down on my training sheet.

BUT….I’m not sure I’m completely set with the kid’s activities for this summer.  It’s something I’ve been thinking about and gathering information here and there.  Basketball camp.  Piano lessons. Lawn Mowing. Dance.  Reading. Which ones do we need to do, which ones do we want to do? And of course, everyone is counting down the days till the pool opens.  In the past I’ve done a couple summer incentive programs at home.  Things I just make up here and there.  I need to get it all organized! I have a couple tricks that I’ve done in the past, I’ll share that soon, but I thought this afternoon I would share this list.  It was inspired by a friend who posted the Barnes and Noble link to my facebook wall a reading program, which I think we will try this year.  When we lived in Iowa we LOVED Barnes and Noble.  We were there weekly.  I’m not sure why we quit going (besides that we moved).  B&N was close and convenient in Iowa.  I loved that.

Some of this list we will do, some we will not.  Some are local, some are not.  You can bet you will find us at the Literacy Center and the Library this summer.

Barnes and Noble – read and record 8 books and earn a free one!

Utah State Fair – Read ten books and log your reading on a form.  Mail this form to the Fair on or before July 27, 2015 and receive a ticket to the State Fair and coupons for food and one free ride.

Rippy Literacy Center – I believe the Literacy Center is Lehi’s best kept secret.  It is amazing.  They offer FREE tutoring classes this summer.  you can register for these classes from May 26th to 28th from 9 am to 6 pm.  But get there early!  These fill up super fast!   The Summer Program is available for those that have completed Kindergarten thru 3rd grade.  Lehi residents only; proof of residency is required for registration (i.e. utility bill, rent receipt, etc.).  Please bring your student(s) with you at time of registration for an assessment.  Placement is done by evaluation.  

You can also sign up your older kids to become a tutor.  My oldest is a tutor there and he loves it.  It’s a great place for him to practice reading and help others.  You only need to have finished 4th grade to become a tutor.

These programs are first come first serve, so really – when I say go early, go early.  But once your family is in, it’s fantastic.  You get priority registration for fall registration. 

I have seen the literacy center do AMAZING things for my kids.  And they love it.

Lehi City Library At the time of this blog post, the library doesn’t have their summer programs posted yet, but I know that there will be one.  And Lehi Library always has great programs.  We have lived all over the country and been to many different library’s and seen so many different story times.  Believe me when I say: Lehi has a great thing going!

Their adult book club has some great books coming up this summer too:

May: Meet the Author: Julianne Donaldson (I am so excited about this and can’t wait.  She is a favorite…you can bet there will be a blog post about this night for sure!)

June: These is my words, Nancy E. Turner – Everyone says to read this and I haven’t.  This means: I will be soon.

July: The Rent Collector, Camron Wright – I LOVED this book.  It was one of my top ten favorites from last year.  If you haven’t read this book – read it….and come to the book club with me!

August: When I found you, Catherine Ryan Hyde – Haven’t read this one either.  But it’s going on the list.

Utah First Lady Reading Program - read and record your progress, earn a certificate (this is 2014 link)  I am guessing the program this year will be similar.  I haven’t seen information posted for 2015 yet.

Scholastic Summer Reading Program Read, record minutes, log books, win prizes, and help your teachers and school too!

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Reading Program The info isn’t posted yet, but my kids love earning free pizza’s from their teachers by doing their reading every night.  The program will kick off June 22.

Some other great resources I’ve found while looking around:
Utah Kids Ready to Read
25 Places for free Kindle Books for Kids
Chuck E Cheese Reading Program
Sylvan Book Adventure (this one goes year round)

Do know of any other Summer Book Programs?  
Comment and share!  I would love to know!

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