Book Review: An Elaborate Hoax

June 2, 2015


An Elaborate Hoax
Shirley Marks
240 pages

ARC from NetGalley

From the Publisher:
Now that she’s seen her three nieces—daughters of the Duke of Faraday—successfully married off, Mrs. Penelope “Penny” Parker finds herself adrift. But the lovely widow is not without purpose for long. Wealthy bachelor David Cavanaugh is in desperate need of a pretend wife—and he’s convinced that Penny would be perfect for the role.

Risking scandal and her good reputation, Penny agrees to accompany David to the country and play the part of his blushing bride in order to make his grandmother’s final days more restful. She vows to do anything to appear part of a loving couple—even if that means going along with David’s seven-year ruse about his fictional family.

But Penny and David’s game of make-believe starts feeling all too real. Has Penny found a match of her very own? Or will she and David be parted forever once the curtain comes down on their show of romance?

I am a huge sucker for regency romance books.  If you’ve followed my old book blog, and my family blog, and now this one, you already know this about me.  I know, my husband thinks I’m totally silly for this, but I just love a good (clean) regency romance book.

I have never read a book by Shirley Marks before.  I saw this book on NetGalley and I thought it would be something fun and light to read. After looking up more about her I noticed that I have downloaded a couple other her other books on my kindle and never got around to reading them.

This was a cute book.  It was easy to read.  When I first started it I felt the beginning was a little rushed.  I felt a little thrown into the story, but after the first chapter or two it all seemed to click together and the rest was fun to read.  It was in interesting idea and concept. The book was clean.  I felt at the end that certain characters were a little bit more forgiving than I expected, but it gave me a happy ending.  I’m also a sucker for a happy ending.

I’m going to make sure I go back and find the other books I’ve downloaded by Marks now and read though those.  If you enjoy fun, clean, regency romance books.  This would be a fun book for your summer reading list.  I really enjoyed it.

Final Score:

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