Friday Five

June 5, 2015

Random thoughts today:
1.  Summer is here, and I don’t always have to run on the treadmill.  But occasionally my husband is gone, or it’s just more convenient and it’s better than nothing.  I’m almost done watching Friday Night Lights.  It’s been a great show to watch on the treadmill.  The games really get me going and I forget that I’m running.  But I need a new show.  Something that will keep my interest and make me forget that I’m running.  Please, don’t make fun of some of my ideas, but here are some of them:

Call the Midwife: I’ve watched a couple of the first season in the past. They seemed good.
Gilmore Girls: Should I re watch them all?  Would they keep me interested enough on the treadmill?
One Tree Hill: I think this might be the basketball version of Friday Night Lights, I never watched it while It was on the air.  
Dr. Who: maybe?  Maybe not?  Not sure I could get into this show as much as some people
Land Girls: I’ve already watched all of these, but I really liked them.  

Have any suggestions?  

2. My kids are reading like crazy this summer.  I am NOT complaining.  This list looks awesome.

A lot of time the older boys stay up late reading.  Last night my boys were having a camp out on the floor of the other kid’s room.  Yes…5 kids in a room.  And they sleep.  It works. Don’t judge me, they like it.  Anyway, the two older boys like camping out on the floor there sometimes and sleeping in their sleeping bags.  I let them stay up late reading.  But then after a certain time they were supposed to put their heads down and fall asleep.  I could see them from the other room where I was sitting.  After a few minutes I could see them relax and I thought everyone was asleep.  I was sitting there marveling at how peaceful it was…right when my oldest’s hand reached up and poked his younger brother in the eye.  Then the nose.  Then his eye again.  

ha.  I tried so hard not to laugh out loud.
I guess he wanted to make sure he was really asleep.  

3. National Running Day was Wednesday.  5 miles in the morning with some of my favorite running buddies.  Did you run?  Did you know it is a holiday?  I think there is some sort of correlation that National Running Day is the same week as National Donut day.  I ran 11 miles this morning.  Then I had no guilt at all over my donut lunch.
4. Run this morning was eventful. 11 miles done.
First…Running skirts – yeah or nay?  I can’t decide.  I ran in one this morning t try how it felt before my race next weekend.  I just haven’t worn anything that short since my cheerleading days.  Is it okay for 35 year old women with 5 kids to pull these off?  I am not sure what I think yet. And I’m pretty positive my legs are like glow sticks. They are pretty white.  I need to tan…or find a good fake tan alternative.


Then when we stopped for a drink and potty stop at mile 6.5 my friend helped save a guys life. Yep.  She did. She’s a nurse and he had got hit in the head (a group was flying model airplanes in a field) and had a pretty bad head wound. So glad she was there, because I’m not really great with blood.  My other friend and I stood around and felt useless, unles you were a mosquito, and then we were providing breakfast.  Someone called 911.  The ambulance got there and then we were on our way.

Pretty eventful run.

oh…I also swallowed a bug.  It was a great run.

5.  And for fun, last but not least…Six lessons from Pride and Prejudice that are still true today.  Found here.   Love this.

Have a great weekend!

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