(not so) Wordless Wednesday

June 10, 2015

Because if you know me, you know I’ve never been good at being wordless, except for when I sleep…and even then sometimes I still talk.
Today’s the day.  I crossed off my last run till the first race.
Something about crossing off every day makes me just so happy.

My sister taught me this trick…add up all of these miles.  I’ve roughly run 340 miles in the past 15 weeks.  
So what’s another 13.1
I can do 13.1
and another 13.1 in a couple weeks.
I’m ready.
I ran three miles this morning.  It wasn’t a pretty time, but I wasn’t trying for it to be.  I was thinking of my friends who were running down Provo Canyon this morning and jealous.  I bet their run was prettier than mine.  And it probably didn’t smell like mink farms at one point.  But I’ll be there Saturday.
I am ready.  
Utah Valley Half here I come.  

(Counting down two weeks until American Fork Half, and it should be a fun one!
And still trying to decide what Half Marathon I should run in the fall.  Ideas?  Suggestions?)

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