One Year Runniversary

June 2, 2015

Today is my one year runniversary!  One year ago today I finally felt confident enough to take a running selfie – and say (publicly)  that I was doing this, I was going to start running. I signed up for a 5K, but I could barely run 1.5 miles.  

But I was going do it.  So I downloaded an app and started tracking my miles and figuring out training.

In 365 days:
Three 5K’s
One 10K
One Half Marathon
(one more half marathon if you count my practice one a couple weeks ago)
I ran 150 miles in 6 weeks for a competition at school.
I can run and not feel like I’m going to die, which I feel pretty good about.
But yes, there are still days that I run and feel like I’m going to die too…because I think everyone has off days no matter what.

And those 20 extra pounds I set out to lose when I started running have stayed.  
But whatever. I’m not bitter (okay…maybe just a little)
I guess I’ll just run circles around them.
Because I don’t think they aren’t going to budge.

This week I ran 6.55 miles Monday and 
4.8 miles today.
My grand total for the year:

930 miles.

I am a runner.

If I can do it.  So you can you. 

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