Book Review: The Better Life

July 14, 2015


The Better Life: Small Things Things You Can Do Right Where You Are
Claire Diaz-Ortiz
160 pages
Hard copy edition

From the Publisher:
From the can-do entrepreneur Claire Diaz-Ortiz comes The Better Life, a motivational memoir about how little changes make all the difference.

In winsome style, Claire coaches readers with vignettes from her uncommon life. A top-level Twitter employee, world traveler, author, non-profit founder, and mom, Claire tries to make the most of every moment. In The Better Life, she shares action steps and reflections on balance, productivity, self-care, and other essentials for rocking it at life every day. 

Take some advice from Claire: Say yes. Say no. Quit something. Take your mornings seriously. Make your weekends count. Write more. Worry less. Travel. Pray. Pause. Rest. Know your limits. Do Hatchi Patchi. Don’t beat yourself up. Be still. Be thankful. Be you, but your best.

Read this book, and start living the better life you’ve been meaning to.

I found this little book at the library on the new arrival shelf.  I’ll admit, I totally judge a book by it’s cover sometimes, and this one looked pretty..and easy to read, so I gave it a shot.

I’m not on Twitter, but I think if I were, I would know who Claire Diaz-Ortiz is.  She was an early employee at Twitter and named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business.  

This little library book was a gem to find too.  It is divided into 37 short vignettes.  I started marking pages with post-it notes, (since it was library book and I couldn’t mark in it) but I ended up marking so many pages with notes!  
Some of my favorite passages/ideas included: 

  • the morning ritual, 
  • taking mini breaks during the day to breathe, 
  • realizing that sometimes life is not what you expect it to be, 
  • be okay with who you really are, 
  • be who you are and not who you want to be, 
  • living the life that you choose, 
  • realize that we don’t need the stuff,
  •  write, write now,
  • track what you do during the day, 
  • build on small early wins, 
  • disconnect!, 
  • do what you can do
  • and read, read, read!

This was a short easy to read book.  It would make a great gift for a graduate or anyone who needs a little encouragement.  I got it at the library, but wouldn’t mind having a copy in my own library at some point. I love little books full of encouragement!

I spent some time looking up other books by Ortiz on Amazon and I really was drawn to the book Hope Runs.It was a book that I really wanted to add to my list, so I downloaded it, but then I couldn’t resist, so I put it ahead of other books on my list and read it too!  I’ll post about it tomorrow.

Final Score:

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