Book Review: Tres Leches Cupcakes

July 29, 2015


Tres Leches Cupcakes
Josi Kilpack
368 pages
Kindle edition

From the Publisher:
Sadie Hoffmiller has relocated from Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is starting a new job as an informant for the Bureau of Land Management on an archeological site. The sun and dirt blocks her initial excitement about the job, but she makes the best of it, using her baking prowess to help her gather background information on her fellow “dirt geeks.” Being in the middle of nowhere and digging up artifacts from hundreds of years ago is supposed to keep Sadie out of trouble—until recent burials are found on the ancient site.

Before Sadie knows it, she’s arrested for starting a bar fight, a new friend is missing, and she’s worn out her welcome in Santa Fe in more ways than one. But when a trip to the annual hot air balloon fiesta in Albuquerque leads to even more danger, she begins to wonder if she’ll ever be safe…from herself.

For whatever reason, this book is never available at the library. I had to download a copy for my kindle.  I just thought that was so interesting.  I thought the recipes in this book looked great.  I can’t wait to try a couple of them.  A couple times I wondered if there was a book between this one and the Hawaii book because it mentions a couple times how Sadi took a vacation to England after Hawaii.  (Or maybe that was her previous trip and I didn’t pay enough attention?).

I like the introduction of a couple new characters in this book.  I’m not sure I can pinpoint but this wasn’t one of my favorites of the series.  I still enjoyed it, just not as much as some of the other books.

Final Score:

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