Friday Five

July 24, 2015

1.  Happy Pioneer Day!  If you live in Utah you probably already know all about this holiday.  July 24th is the day the Saints came into the Salt Lake Valley.  One year ago today my sister and I ran down the mountain into the valley.  It was the farthest I had ever run (5 miles) and fastest too.

Today my sister and I knocked out 10 miles and then ate yummy Kneader’s for breakfast as a reward.  I’m positive the pioneers didn’t have fancy french toast on their trek westward, but if they could have had it, they probably would have approved!

Do you know about pioneer day?  Do you have any fun plans?

2. The kids and I hit up Barnes and Noble this week to get our free books for the summer book club.  If you haven’t done this, it’s not too late.  Just click here, download the form and follow the instructions.  We all love free books!
3. Can you be fit and fat?  Both my Runner’s World and Women’s Running magazines have featured stories about that this month.  (click for the links) They are really good articles.  I’ve been running a little over a year.  I started to lose weight, and I haven’t lost any…but I’ve finished 3 half marathons and average about 20 miles per week.  Should it matter that I lost weight, or should it be enough that I’m active?  I might not run an 8 min mile.  Does my 11 min mile count less?  My sister and I talked about this on our run this morning.  She pointed out that a slow swimmer isn’t less of a swimmer than a fast one.  They are still a swimmer.

Fast or slow, weight loss or not, I still feel that I am a runner.

Another blog post that I really loved (besides the articles themselves) came from Run Eat Repeat.  Love it.
What are your thoughts?

4. Just for fun – who’s your book boyfriend?  I got Peeta…the boy next door.  Works for me!  haha!  Take the quiz here.  I would love to know your answers!
5.   I started To Kill a Mocking Bird this week and have Go Set a Watchman loaded on my kindle, but I’ll be honest.  I’m just not feeling it right now.  It could be my mood, but I might put them away for another time.  

What are you currently reading?  Have any good reading plans this weekend?

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