Throw Back Review: The Legacy of Pemberley

July 23, 2015

Thursdays I feature a “throw back” review from my old blog.  I have so many books that I posted and loved on my old reading spot. So I’m throwing back to join them all together.


The Legacy of Pemberley
Rebecca Ann Collins
352 pages
Hard copy edition

From the Publisher:
“Romance and intrigue are on the menu as they were in all Jane Austen’s novels.” –Book News

It has been fifty years since Mr. Darcy took Elizabeth Bennet as his bride, and through half a century of both true happiness and difficult trials, their love has never faltered. When Charles Bingley’s declining health forces Darcy and Elizabeth to travel with their dear friends to Europe, it will fall to the next generation to continue the legacy of love and family their parents have spent a lifetime establishing.

Reunions of old friends go hand in hand with the introduction of new adversaries, and long hidden secrets come to light. But as this chronicle comes to a close, the sadness in parting is tempered not only by splendid memories, but the knowledge that the legacy of Pemberley will live far beyond the written page…

Throw Back Review, first posted May 22, 2011:
I finally finished this book – which concludes the series, and it was such a bitter-sweet ending.  I discovered the first book in this series 3 years ago and over the years I have cherished all 10 books.  This last and final book was no different.  I am so sad it is ending!

Since the end of Pride and Prejudice, these books take Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy through 50 years of marriage.  This book concludes the story of children and grandchildren, cousins and friends. One of the main plots belongs to Caroline, the widow of Colonel Fitzwilliam.  While she finds herself learning to live and adjust to life on her own,she is able to watch her daughter, Rachel begin her own romance and blossom.  I loved the addition of Daniel Faulkner to the characters.

Of course, Collins doesn’t leave anyone out and there are many other appearances of many of the other loved characters and friends from the whole series.  For example, I was so sad reading the story of Emily Courtney, but the reading of her will actually made me smile and have a little laugh.  I believe the only person that I would have loved to read more about after finishing the whole series would be Georgiana.  However, I was secretly happy that Virginia got basically what she deserved.

I can’t think of high enough praise for this series of books.  They really have been an absolute favorite of mine throughout the last couple years.  I will continue to recommend these books to any Austen fan I meet and hope that Collins continues to write and will look forward to any new projects she holds for us in the futures!

Updated Review:
I can’t post about series, and not think about this series!  I hold this one close to my heart.  I posted a throw back review a couple months ago about the first book in the series. (you can read it here)  This is the review of the 10th and final book.  I remember finishing it…and crying that the series was over, but it ended well and was wrapped up nicely. The series is amazing and full of detail.  It covers a 50 year span of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s lifetime.  It is clean and full of history.  It’s one of my first recommendations I have to anyone who loves Pride and Prejudice.  

If you are looking for a good series, and I had to pick…I think my top four would include (in no certain order):
1. The Pemberley Chronicles
2. Harry Potter
3. Longing for Home
4. Fablehaven

After four, it becomes too hard to rank which ones I like more than others. 

Have you read any of these books?
What is your favorite Pride and Prejudice variation or sequel?

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