Weekend Wrap Up: 20

July 6, 2015

I traded my flat course and views of Mount Timpanogos for a hilly course and views of Mount Rainier last week.  Usually that red line is completely flat.  Hills are not my thing.
But the view of Mount Rainier, and cooler temperatures are always worth it.  I love visiting the water and the sound. We’ve moved a lot, but if you total it all up I’ve lived in Utah longer now than anywhere else in my life, but Washington still feels like home. I wish I had more time to spend there.

I ran 5 miles one day skipped a day and 3 the next.
Do you usually run or find time to work out while you are on vacation?

One day during my trip we were in Portland.  So I convinced my parents we needed to stop by Powell’s Books, the largest independent new and used book store the world! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the big one downtown that takes up a whole city block, but we did go to another location and I found some great finds, and could get lost for hours.

Since I had a coupe kid-free days (and a couple hours on flights both ways) and I got through a couple good easy/summer books this week too.

Do you visit book stores on vacation?  Do you read on flights?  

Then it was a quick flight home to join the rest of my family at the 4th of July party!  Where we ate a lot of food, had a good time playing with my sister in law’s selfie stick, and stayed up way too late watching my crazy nephews and brother in law do fireworks for the family.  The highlight of the show is always when they show off their craziness (stupidity?!?) and shoot roman candles right at each other. Yes, you read that correctly.  It always reminds me of a Harry Potter wand fight.  Clothing gets burned, we all have a good laugh and (Big Bonus!) we haven’t had any injuries yet.  But I’ll admit, I secretly count my blessings that my sons are too young to participate!

How did you celebrate the 4th?

And last but not least, the winners of last week’s contest!  Abby and Shay!  Congratulations ladies.  I’ll contact you and send you your books soon!

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