Friday Five

August 14, 2015

Friday Five!  Five random thoughts and ideas from this week…
1. I love these!  I think they are so super cute. I’m not sure I trust my sewing skills enough to make them, and I read a lot more on my kindle than real books….but I think they would be fun gifts.  Maybe if I started now they could be stocking stuffers!
2.  School starts next week! Gulp!  The kids are ready, with back packs packed and ready to go.  But I’m not sold on the idea that summer is over.  Gone are my running outside days.  Boo!  They’ve spent a good deal of their time in the mornings this summer reading.  I decided to read a couple of the books they’ve been into this summer and review them next week.

When do your kids start school?  Do you have them ready?

3. I suppose when you sprain your ankle on the beach and then only take one day off from running – followed by racking up 20 miles in 5 days and wear mostly flip flops in between runs, that you will get no sympathy from your podiatrist husband when you tell him your ankle still hurts.  I should have known better.  But I took his advice and took more days off from running this week and wore better shoes.

So much for making a 20 miles a week goal and then not ever getting it done.

What do you do to pass time during an injury?  This is driving me crazy!

4. Speaking of goals….I might not be able to make the running one, but at least I hit my goal of 52 books for the year..I’ve gone well beyond it actually.  I think I’ll challenge myself to another 100.  As of today my total is at 67. which means  I have 33 books to go to hit 100. School is starting, so my reading will slow down.   We’ll see how I do.  

Did you set a goal to read this year?  How are you doing?

5. Like I said, since school is starting the treadmill will become my best friend again.  Have any good show recommendations?  I rarely watch real TV anymore, so I need some ideas.

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