Weekend Wrap Up: 23

August 11, 2015

I’m back!

 Last week was relaxing and full of family, food and fun. We spent the week in southern California with my family for our family reunion.  My parents host one every two years, since all six of us siblings are spread all over the country it’s fun to spend this time together. We pick a different location every couple years, but I have to admit, this one was one of my favorite.  The view from our house was amazing and no one can argue about running right along the beach!

The house was perfect and right across the street from the beach in Carlsbad.  My oldest sister’s family wasn’t able to make it, but there were still 28 of us!  My kids had a blast running around and playing with cousins.  The house was perfect for hide and seek and sardines.  There was never a dull moment. My four year old said his favorite part is when his triplet teenage cousins locked him in the closet. (they let him out) He said that he had so much fun following them around.  My husband and kids loved the beach. I think they would move there if they could.

I sprained my ankle by falling on the beach the first night we were there.  It hurt so bad the next day, but I just couldn’t let it slow us down. It also helps that I know a pretty cute podiatrist. I took a day off running and we did a little site seeing in San Diego.  

The next day I ran with my sister and brother in law and we did  an easy 3 miles along the beach towards south and then back.  The day after that we did another 3 miles up the beach north and then back.   My ankle was a little tender, but as long as I stayed along the road or sidewalks it was bearable.  I loved that there are such big sidewalks and bike lanes in Carlsbad.  There are so many people out running, biking and walking!

I fell a tiny bit short of my 20 miles a week goal last week, but I did take a day off for my foot and spent one day sitting for 10 hours in the car. (blah!)

Tuesday: 5.86
Friday: 6.01
Saturday: 6.01
Total: 17.87

The summer is wrapping up entirely too fast at this point.  Yesterday I took each of the four school kids individually to buy their school supplies. It was fun taking them each by themselves and seeing each of their different personalities (but man, it took all day!). Then we packed and got them all ready.  The boys are off to the bow hunt this weekend and then school starts!  
I’m not ready to let them go!

I finished a couple good books this last week too….some of which are advanced reader copies that come out soon. I’m excited to share them with you! I guess I’m a little ready to get back to routine and schedules.

When do your kids start school?
Are you ready for then go head back?

Did you take a big vacation this summer?
Do you have a family reunion?

Check back again tomorrow – I’ll be back to posting about some fun books I’ve been reading.

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