Body Image Part 2:  Keep Calm and Put On Lipstick – My Take On Make-Up

September 9, 2015


While thinking about body image, my second subject I came across was make up.  Uh…I really am not the right person to talk about make up – and maybe why that is why I needed to research a bit about it.  Did you know a long time ago (in a galaxy before kids) I actually sold Mary Kay for a short while?  I loved their products!  but I discovered I’m really not a beauty guru and I found out that I’m really no good at those home based businesses either! haha!

I love make up, but I’m not a big fan of wearing a lot.  I never leave the house without concealer though - that is one thing I cannot live without.  I’m not partial to brand though maybe I should be.

I posted a couple books below that I read these last couple weeks that I really found helpful. Ideas that I found helpful (and not helpful) and things that I loved.  I think we all love to look pretty and we all have some relationship with make up, good or bad.

I love browsing through the make up isles with my little girls, we think it is so fun to look at all the colors and products. But sometimes I just feel a little lost too.  I wish I had the talent that some of my friends do – to make my eyeliner on-point, or to make my eyes pop with color, or lipstick that really is amazing.  You get the point, I don’t have that talent.  I barely have the time. My morning routines are in two parts – before work I just make sure I have on concealer and look awake and alive.  After work, after getting kids off to school, running, and showering I usually have about 5 minutes or less to put on real make while my 2 year old rummages through my make up bag trying on anything that she can open.  If I don’t want her to ruin anything I have to hurry and get the bag put away….My time is limited – and I think most moms would relate.

What I’ve found works best for me is: concealer, lose face powder, eye shadow, liner and mascara, blush (if I have time). In the winter I love a good tinted moisturizer instead of powder.  I love the blush that comes as a stick and can be used for lip color too.  Two for one – win-win.

What is your make up routine?  Do you love it?  Hate it? 
Are you a busy mom – I really, really want to know – (besides locking the bathroom door?) How to do you find time to put it on without little fingers helping you out and testing every product?

I’m sure you all have one – the make up expert friend, the hair friend, the fitness friend.  I have all of these (but am not sure I am any of them).  I totally need help when it comes to make up, hair (which I’m not even touching on this week!) and fashion.  I’m clueless and so thankful for friends.


My amazingly talented friend Heather is a make up expert friend.  She actually makes her OWN make up!  Isn’t that awesome!  She is writing a book about it (I think it’s currently in the editing stages) and I can’t wait to read it.  

I thought since it would be fun to have another giveaway…some of Heather’s amazing make up. An eye shadow tower and lip gloss (the ones pictured above).  I absolutely love my eye shadow I got from Heather.  I actually got a compliment on it the other day (and I never get compliments on my make up). Her lip gloss is one of my favorites too – it has a really nice consistency and feels so pretty.

Enter by:
(1) leaving a comment below – what is your favorite make up, what do you not leave the house without?  
(2) visit My Reading Spot on Facebook - and share the page if you would like!

The giveaway will end Sunday night, September 13, and I will announce the winner Monday on my Weekly Wrap Up Post.

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