Book Review: Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life

September 10, 2015


Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life
George Brescia
289 pages
Hard copy edition

From the Publisher:
Open the door to harmonious, powerful, and positive dressing with a guide that’s like The Secret–for your wardrobe. In this groundbreaking how-to book, style expert George Brescia shows you how to transform yourself from the inside out.

More than a style guide, this revolutionary book by a seasoned stylist teaches a method of conscious dressing that begins with a powerful internal change. Instead of just grabbing for whatever’s on hand, you’ll learn to set your goals for the day, determining how you want to be perceived, and then dress in a way that helps manifest those intentions. Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life reveals the true power your clothing has to affect your life, showing how this second skin impacts your job prospects, your romantic life, your income, and even your deepest sense of self. Translating his styling methods into a philosophy anyone can apply on her own, Brescia also delivers tips and tricks of the trade to help convert even the most hapless dresser into a happy and educated shopper. Because the goal is to have you not only looking great, but feeling more confident, too. From major closet overhauls to a whole new philosophy on color, this is a comprehensive manual for anyone who’s ever looked at her closet in despair. 

Accessible, direct, honest, and thought-provoking, Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life takes an eye-opening look at the intersection between our clothing and our emotions, hopes, and dreams, showing us how improving our external appearance can have life-changing effects on how we’re perceived by others—and more importantly, on how we perceive ourselves.

The cover of this book was really pretty to me…so when I saw it at the library trying to find books to read this week about body image I thought it was worth a shot. With eight easy chapters the book is all about finding the right things for your body and for you – not just what is popular or a trend.

The book gives you ideas and walks you through how to find just the right clothes for you in your own closet.  I love that it doesn’t immediately say you need a whole new wardrobe – use what you have, but once you have found the outfits and clothes that make you feel the best then it gives you ideas on how to shop too.  I totally laughed out loud when Brescia says at the end of the shopping chapter to “Remain calm.  You are a shopping ninja”

I am NOT a shoppping ninja.  I usually totally stresses me out.  I am a creature of comfort and stick to a lot of the same type clothes and stores.

I can only imagine how awesome my closet would be if I took the steps that this book offers. I obviously haven’t yet – but I do think it would be a good idea.  Now…who wants to find time to help me do this?

I loved when Brescia said those women you see – those ones that are always put together and look great – that they dress that way because they have a fashion muscle and they use it.  If we don’t practice and think about what we wear every day we will never get better.  I had NEVER thought about clothes that way, but I really think it’s true!  Practice of anything makes us perfect (or at least better!)

The book was fun and easy to read and full of ideas and suggestions.  Not everything applied to me, but I still liked the book.

Final Score:

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