Book Review: Good Pictures Bad Pictures

September 29, 2015


Good Pictures Bad Pictures
Kristan Jensen, Debbie Fox, Gail Poyner
60 pages
Kindle Edition

From the Publisher:
Good Pictures Bad Pictures is a comfortable, read-aloud story about a mom and dad who teach their child what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to reject it. Using easy-to-understand science and simple analogies, this ground-breaking book engages young kids to porn-proof their own brains.
It only takes a few taps on a mobile device for a curious young child to find an endless supply of deviant, hard-core, and addicting pornography–all for free. Unfortunately, many young kids are being exposed to pornography without the slightest clue that it can damage their developing minds.
The 5-point CAN DO Plan teaches kids how to avoid the brain-warping images of pornography and minimize the troubling memories of accidental exposure that often tempt kids to look for more and lead them into a dark and destructive addiction. To stay safe in the digital age, kids must install an internalfilter in their own brain. Good Pictures Bad Pictures shows them how.
Parents will appreciate this resource to porn-proof their kids because it makes a difficult discussioneasy and empowering. How? By teaching kids simple concepts about the brain and the process of addiction, and by giving them a specific strategy for keeping safe from the poison of pornography.

A couple weeks ago I came across this video that I thought was AMAZING.  It really opened up some great discussions for our family and we thought it was a great tool.  We watched it and then shared it with our older 4 kids one night and then discussed questions.

The video is based on this book.  I had a friend tell me about how their family had read this book and it really helped them….so of course this was the next book I downloaded on my kindle! They read it a chapter a week. Since the chapters are really short we split the book into two. it’s a pretty short book and really easy to understand.  It’s information and helpful but as a story that kids can relate too. One week we discussed the first half and the next week we talked about what we remembered and then read the second half.  I think we could further our discussions and talk about this another week or two as well.

I can’t say enough good things about this book.  If you have children you need to read them this book!  We no longer live in a world where you can say IF your children will come across pornography…we live in a world where they WILL come across it and we must help them be prepared.  Kids should not feel shamed if they come across pictures and they make them feel curious.  It’s what they decide to do after that, that is important.

The book talks a lot about the two brains.  Thinking and feeling brains.  Since reading this book  have seen my kids really think about this and even discuss how a thinking and feeling brain can help them with all things in life.  When they feel like losing their temper, that is their feeling brain.  They can use their thinking brain to tell their feeling brain to stop and cool down.  We can use our thinking brain to tell our feeling brain it’s time to calm down and that we need to sleep at night, when we are really wanting to play with our legos instead. 🙂

I really strongly feel that every family should read this book, own a copy or borrow it.  I downloaded the kindle version, but I wouldn’t mind having the print version too.  If I could I would send this to all my friends!  We have benefited and had some great discussions from this book and I hope that this has helped our kids feel they are prepared, have a plan, and that they can talk to us about it without hesitation.

Another book that we have found helpful that are similar is “How to Talk to Your Child About Sex”, by Linda and Richard Eyre. 

Have you read this book?  Have you talked to your kids about pornography?  How have you prepared them?

Final Score:


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