Book Review: Janitors, Strike of the Sweepers

September 22, 2015


Janitors, Strike of the Sweepers
Tyler Whitesides
400 pages
hard copy edition

From the Publisher: 
The stakes have never been higher, and you’ve never seen squeegees do this before! It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer, Daisy, and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr. Clean’s new and terrifying breed of Toxite: the Sweepers. Time is short. With the fabled Manualis Custodem in hand, Spencer must figure out how to summon the founding witches if they ever hope to mop up and save education.

Strike of the Sweepers is the fourth book in the Janitors series. I am pretty excited to finally post this review, because that means tomorrow I get to post my review about the fifth and final book that was just released this month!

I have to start by saying it is getting harder and harder to talk about these books without giving away so many spoilers.  This book is so full of action!  You simply cannot put it down because something is always happening.  My two boys read a head of me and finished this book before me.  I could hear them in their room at night discussing what was happening and what they thought would happen next. It was a little bit like music to this mama’s ears hearing them in there talking – about books  - and about something besides legos and minecraft!

In this fourth book there are a couple characters that come back into the main story – and even though some of them aren’t always making the best choices it was fun to have them back.  I really liked the introduction of “sweepers” and I loved Daisy and her pet bookworm.  The last couple chapters in this book are SO action packed and full of surprises!  

One thing that I noticed as reading this book was all the little messages about good versus evil. I’m not sure if my kids picked up on it, but I hope they did!  

Two of my favorite examples: 

“Real life will demand much more of us, and we will have to stand ready to pay whatever price is needed to gain the victory….Because victory will come to those who fight for what is right.  It won’t come without its fair share of pain and suffering. No victory comes without sacrifice.  But it will come.  We just have to stay the course.” 
-Walter Jamison page 92

“There is so much good in this world, and I will never stop fighting for that” – Walter Jamison page 379

The series has been really enjoyable. This fourth book was hard to put down and really leaves you ready for the fifth book.
Final Score:

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