Book Review: Mama Needs a Do-Over

September 3, 2015


Mama Needs a Do-Over
Lisa Pennington
208 pages
ARC from NetGalley

From the Publisher:
Dirty dishes overflow the sink. Your two youngest kids just began their third round of hand-to-hand combat today. And now the washing machine won’t start. Visions of putting a home-cooked meal in the oven while the family plays happily in the living room evaporate amid screaming, complaining, and slammed doors—and that’s not even counting what the children are doing.

Lisa Pennington knows what those days are like. And she knows that even in the hard times you can find immense joy. In Mama Needs a Do-Over, Lisa offers hopeful, practical ideas for resetting your family’s mood in the toughest moments. She also dives deep into your mother’s heart to show you the power you have to turn those challenges into gifts. A little fun, a new perspective, and a go-to list for those do-over days, and you might just find joy in all those dirty dishes after all!

I saw this book on NetGalley and thought it immediately looked like a book that I would love!  I am always looking for ideas to help me be a better mom.  It was released this week and available  now! (You can read more about Lisa, her home and ideas on her blog, here).

This book is short and sweet and full of different ideas and suggestions on how I can “reset” my day when it’s going downhill.  I love the idea of taking a deep breath and refocusing.  I think that old saying “when mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy” is so true.  My mood can really make a difference in how the rest of my family acts.  The entire mood in my house can change by my attitude.

Some of my favorite ways to re-set my day include: chocolate (right off the bat you need this), taking a deep breath  and calming music.  I’ve noticed how my kids really react to music.  If I’m playing fun party/dance music we have a great time.  Calm music and everyone slows down, you get the point.  If I have time, a run is the BEST way to re-set if I’m in a bad mood, but that doesn’t always fit in the schedule.

I love fun, easy parenting books that have ideas.  Sometimes if they aren’t brand new ideas to me, I still enjoy reading them.  This was a great book and easy to read.  The ideas might not have been new to me, but something that I found useful as a reminder.  If you love non-fiction or parenting books, if you find yourself needing a do-over sometimes as a mom (or even if you aren’t mom but work with kids) than you might find this book helpful.  I wish there would have been a little bit more meat…but other than that, great book.

Final Score:

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