Book Review: Simply Anna

September 16, 2015


Simply Anna
Jennifer Moore
224 pages
Kindle Edition

From the Publisher:
Suffering from a cruel heartbreak, Lord Philip Hamilton has been driven to seek refuge from the painful memories haunting London, and his father’s Jamaican sugar cane plantation provides just the escape he needs. Philip finds solace in his hard work and takes comfort in the fact that his distance from society ensures that his heart will be protected from future entanglements. Protected, that is, until the unexpected appearance of a mysterious woman with no memory of her past. The only clue to her identity is a necklace inscribed with a name: Anna.In a matter of weeks, this gentle, intelligent, and impossibly beautiful stranger turns Philip’s world upside down. But as the bond between the pair grows, the threat of Philip losing his heart once more is only the beginning of the dangers that await. Island renegades and a ruthless band of pirates clash in a swashbuckling battle, and it soon becomes clear that these villains may be the key to unlocking Anna’s past . . .

I was pretty excited when I saw that Jennifer Moore was coming out with a new book.  I really Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince, and I read  Lady Emma’s Campaign and Becoming Lady Lockwood last year as part of my 100 books. I knew I would enjoy this book – and I was not disappointed.  

I really enjoy when authors link their characters together.  This is not part of a series, it is a stand alone book, but some of the characters from her previous books make appearances.  I thought the setting of the book sounded so relaxing and beautiful and the descriptions really allowed me to see the book.  The slavery and treatment of some of the characters were hard for me at times, and I was interested to find at the end of the book how that affected Moore as she wrote the book too.

I loved the characters in this book.  I loved the pirates and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some parts.  I thought Anna was perfect, and I loved how we got to see her before she lost her memory and then after she lost her memory and how she could find her true self and be strong and have opinions. I love that Phillip got to know Anna this way. I really loved that Phillip listened to her and valued her opinions. I don’t think many men did that during that time period.  I thought their romance was sweet.  I even thought Clarissa was so perfect too and made the book realistic to me, because I’m positive there were aristocrat’s and families who lived on the island at the time who thought and acted just as she did.  (But man, she really did make me mad too!)  

I only wondered throughout the book if the Lockwood family was looking for Anna, there wasn’t much mention of that.  But I also realize that communications were limited in this time period so maybe it’s assumed they were and not mentioned. 

I think if you enjoy regency romance, and haven’t already, then you should read some of Jennifer Moore’s books.  All three have been great fun reads for me.  I hope to continue to read more and more from Moore in the future!

Final Score:

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