Friday Five

September 18, 2015

Five things I am loving this week:

1.  I (finally!) got a new phone!  This means I have volume now, wifi and blue tooth that actually works…the  list kinda goes on and on… haha!  I am LOVING having the Rock My run App work again.  Music during my shorter runs is so nice and I love that I can pick different playlists and have so much variety!

Anyone else use this app?  What is your favorite play list?

2.  I am trying something new with my treadmill runs…weights.  I saw this idea HERE and tried it a couple nights ago. After packing around a baby (or two) for the past 11 years I didn’t think adding 2 pound weights would be too hard on my arms.  But it was so much harder than I thought.  Every other lap I add the weights. It is really killer!

3.  Fall weather is here!  I LOVE that this means sweatshirts, cardigans and comfy jeans.  I think I totally need this sweatshirt found here.

4. Who’s seen this?  The Harry Potter Coloring Book.  Who’s excited about it!?  I think this would be awesome for Christmas!  

My kids found out that Grandpa had never seen the Harry Potter movies so we’ve been taking time every weekend (or so) to watch them with him.  The kids love this! Grandpa says they are better than he thought they would be. 
 I love this! It really makes me want to re-read the series for the fall.

Anyone else love Harry Potter?
5. It’s a race weekend!  I am running a 5K tomorrow with my sister.  And I finally decided on a half to finish off the year with too….but it’s 4 weeks away! Guess I better start getting some longer runs in ASAP!

What are your weekend plans?

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