Friday Five

September 4, 2015

1. I’ve run into some fun articles this week…like this one, what type of runner buddy are you?  I know which ones I am not – the pace pusher for sure! haha  I’m probably a mix between the cheerleader and the manager.  But after mile 8 on a long run I just become the complainer.  (a category I just made up myself).

What type of running buddy are you?

2.  And this article – Weird things runner’s do to get through the last mile.  Besides me complaining that I’m ready to be done (refer to number 1)_ this is totally me.  Especially number three-what can I eat when I get home?  How many calories am I burning and how many does this mean that I can eat extra today?  And it’s just WRONG that on certain mornings you can smell the fresh donuts from Lehi Bakery and Kohlers Market on the way back to my house. 

What do you do to get you through the last mile?

3.  It’s September – which means it’s officially FOOTBALL season.  No, this has nothing to do with reading, or running…well, except that football players run, right?  We are a house divided.  Both my husband and I graduated form the University of Utah, so I tend to cheer for them, but he grew up a BYU fan.  So we’re split.  And honestly, it’s all about the food for me. I love planning, cooking and EATING  yummy gameday food! 

What’s your favorite football snack?

4.  Did you know that September is National Literacy Month?  I’ll talk more about this as the month goes on.  The ladies at The Soul Spa put together a list of some of their favorite books.  HERE.  What a fun article.  I’m not sure I could pick one book if I had to pick a favorite, but I love this list.  I’ve read a couple and will add a couple to my to-read list as well.

Could you pick a favorite book?  Why or why not – and which one?

5. School has been back in session for 2 weeks now.  And afternoons are in full swing at our house.  I’m taking a different approach this afternoon with this post.  It’s neither about reading or running.  But something that ‘s been on my mind, especially after reading through and posting the last two books.

The Swing Shift.

A few years ago I read a talk by Sister Julie B. Beck, who at the time was serving as General Relief Society President.  (learn more about my church and faith by clicking here In this talk she discusses faith and prioritites.  But what has always stayed with me is when she talks about the swing shift, 

In order to prioritize time wisely, I learned something from my father-in-law years ago. He was a steel-worker and spent his life working three different shifts. He either worked the day shift, the afternoon shift, or the night shift. 

As a young mother I realized one time that I was working all three shifts, and that’s why I was so tired. We can’t do all things all at once, and we have to be careful and safeguard our shifts. As I have talked to young mothers and mothers with children at home—those with teenagers and young adults especially—they tell me that their most important shift to be at the top of their game, to be the strongest lioness at the gate is the “swing shift.” That’s the afternoon shift. That’s when everyone comes home hungry, tired, needy, and less lovable. It is when you are hungry, tired, needy, and less loveable. It is also the time of day when people are more teachable, when they are most grateful. When we realize and prioritize our time properly, we don’t expect to use all of our strength on the other two shifts so that the afternoon shift can be safeguarded and can be a time of strength and power. We plan for times when the meals are there together, when we can create that home environment and when that family can gather, and you are the strengthening power and force in that family. Remember that influence and power come when we prioritize correctly.  (source)

The swing shift is real.  It is tough, those hours between 2-6.  Crucial but tough hours.  Everyone wants to tell me something and everyone wants to tell me at the same time as everyone else.  I’m working on saving my best for these hours.  

How do you survive the swing shift?  Ideas?

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