Weekend Wrap Up: 26

September 7, 2015

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I think I’ll change the name of these posts to Weekly Wrap Up, instead of Weekend because I always seem to include the weekly total from the prior week, and honestly my weekends are always the most exciting.

Let’s hear a big hurray! for long weekends!  Saturday my sister and I took it a little easy and did 6 miles, and saved a 10 mile run for today. It was so nice to not take up my entire morning with a run because Saturday was game day!  I can never decide what food to fix for football game days, so I tend to make it all – and way too much.  Since we live with my father in law right now, someone is always dropping by, so making too much food always works out in our favor.  My husband literally jumped off the couch during the Hail Mary throw of the BYU game and everyone was so happy with the final score.

Saturday night I went with my sister, niece and two older boys and we went to the Studio C season 6 premier party.  the kids had a blast.  If you haven’t ever heard of or watched Studio C – I highly recommend it.  I love a fun comedy skit show I can watch with my family!

Last week I took two days off running. 
(But I always have a good laugh typing “rest day” because there is NO such thing when you are a mom to five.)
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 5 miles
Thursday: rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 6 miles
Total: 20 miles

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I have a couple different thing to post about this week.  I’m pretty excited about them too.  

Some of you might know my story:

For those of you who know me in real life, know that I’m not much of a high maintenance girl, anymore anyway.  I’m not sure I could ever have been “high maintenance” but in high school I did LOVE tanning, and make up and all kinds of products.  Then fast forward a couple years, I got married, we were poor college students, then even poorer medical students.  Then we added kids and more kids.  I had to become “creatively frugal”.  And, I’ll be honest, I just never made it a priority.  Kids and family came first.  There were days when I was just happy to get a shower.

In the 20’s it all worked out for me.  I was able to roll with it.  Then I entered my 30s.   After baby number 5 we went through a pretty stressful time, my husband decided to leave a job that wasn’t making him happy, we moved, we started a practice from scratch and I jumped up 20 pounds.

Apparently, eating brownies every night was not the right answer. (BUT it sure tasted good!)

So, I started to run.  

When I started running I couldn’t run a mile without stopping to walk.  Now I can run a half marathon.  (I’ve run 3) (not including ones for training).  I average about 25-30 miles per week.  It feels SO good to go for a run. It’s an outlet that I needed.

I really love running.  But here’s the kicker…. I haven’t lost any of the 20 pounds!

I’ve really struggled with this, and I’ve decided that I need to let it go. I try to let it go anyway. I AM stronger.  I AM healthier.  I might lose it someday, but even if I don’t, I need to know I am still doing something good for my body and for myself.

But I’m going to say it right here – after baby five, gaining the weight and not losing it – after being “creatively frugal” for so many years, it’s hard to have such a great body image. I really struggle.  Life is busy. There are still days I’m happy to get a shower and have 30 seconds to throw on some concealer and mascara.  It’s SO hard to take time for myself and my needs. 

I think (at least I like to think) that most moms (and women) can relate to this. It’s really something that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.  All week I am going to post about health/beauty and some of books and experiences I’ve had while researching into these topics.  I’ve really learned a lot! 

Am I the only one who struggles with this?  How do you cope with changes and body image?

Check back later today for the first of a couple giveaways this week!  I am so excited!

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