Weekly Wrap Up: 29

September 28, 2015

Busy week last week.  Just keeping up with everyone and life. My total mileage last week was 23.68 miles.  Not too bad.

I needed to run a 12 mile run sometime in the next couple week to get ready for my next half. So Saturday my sister and friend and I decided to go for it….

Now my long runs for the next couple weeks can be:
11 miles this week,
10 miles next week
then it’s race week!
woah that’s fast!

Running 12 miles on Saturday meant that I needed to rest Thursday and Friday.  Which probably meant I was a little grumpy – ha!  but it also meant that that I had a little bit extra time on my hands.  I read through a couple really great books this weekend that I can’t wait to post about this week.

Don’t forget – click here for the details and sign up for the Fall Book Swap!  It should be fun – share with your friends too!

What did you do this weekend?
How to you survive a long run?  I have to have my friends!
Read any good books this weekend?
It’s that time of year – I’m busy bottling salsa today – do you love homemade bottled salsa?  My family does.

Have a great week!

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