Book Review: 101 Family Meal-Time Devotions

October 15, 2015


101 Family Meal-Time Devotions
Greg Johnson
192 pages
ARC copy through NetGalley

From the Publisher:
You’re convinced that “Family Devo Time” is a terrific idea, but like so many past attempts … they just seem to fizzle out. The kids get bored, your spouse looks at you quizzically, and the whole experiment is quickly forgotten—packed away as “yet another good intention.” Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! Each of these 101 five-minute readings will bring family devotions to life, helping your children (ages 6-12) develop important Christian values. Each devotional describes true-to-life situations at home and at school. Relevant scripture passages and thought-provoking questions are included to spark meaningful family discussion.

This school year has been a busy one. Piano, robotics club, literacy center classes, cub scouts, boy scouts, work schedules and now Jr. Jazz basketball has started….I love watching the kids find activities that they love and enjoy, but sometimes with five kids it all adds up! And sometimes it leaves dinnertime so rushed!  I’ve had to restructure our dinner time – a different (later) time and certain nights we have to have either super easy dinner, or dinners I can prepare during the day (crock pot, freezer meals etc.)  I think most moms would say they have been there.  To top it off, I’ve noticed a trend at our house lately…with the oldest two.  By the time dinner comes they are done with all their homework, chores, extracurricular, so that means then can eat and then play – outside or have kindle time.  I haven’t ever seen boys eat so fast!  I think as we enter teenage years this will only get more and more of our reality.  So I’ve been trying to think of ways we can savor and really take advantage of the few minutes we get together.  Whether it’s dinner, breakfast or just those few minutes we are in the car together.

I saw this book on NetGalley and I thought it was exactly what our family needed!  The book includes short little stories/scenarios and then questions for discussion.  Perfect for our little active family when we only have a few minutes each day.  I have used this at dinner, breakfast and even during a few minutes we gather together for family prayers at bedtime.  Some of the kids giggled and laughed at a couple of the questions, – they are always trying to give me funny answers, that I know they really wouldn’t do. These are really are great basic lessons.  Each one comes with a scripture.  I think you could easily turn them into a longer discussion or family night lesson – along with a song and activity – or read them as is.  The kids really enjoyed it when my husband I got into the discussion and talked to them about when we were kids (or even now as adults) and are faced with some of the same scenarios.

Since I received an advanced copy, I have it on my kindle.  This is great because it is small and I carry my kindle with me in my purse and almost everywhere I go.  I can pull out this book anytime.  I think a hard copy of the book would be great too, and amazon says the physical size of this book is perfect (in my mind) 5×7…not too big or too small…great to leave on the dinning room table so we can easily access it at meal times.  In the past I have usually taken advantage of breakfast time for our devotion/scripture study time.  It is a great way to start the day and everyone is hungry and at the table ready to listen.

Do you find time for scripture/devotions every day?  When and how do you make that work in your family?

This book is a great resource for busy families.  I look forward to reading and using it in the future.

​Final Score:

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