Friday Five

October 23, 2015

Halloween is almost here! I’m not a huge Halloween fan, but I love fall.  and I like fun costumes – just not the creepy/scary ones….and who doesn’t love the candy?   We had fall break last weekend and worked on some finishing touches for our costumes.  I thought today I would share five of my favorites this Halloween season.
1. Fun ghost stories.  I’ll admit, ghost stories aren’t always my thing, but every once in a while (like in October) I guess they are okay.  And when they come in a fun Timeless Romance Anthropology collection like this one, then I’m totally game!  I loved the collection of these books. I’ll post a full review next week.

Do you like ghost stories?  Maybe you are more brave than me!

2. Murder Mystery Dinners!  A long time ago (before kids) my husband and I hosted a couple of these.  They are always fun and interesting.  Who doesn’t love a fun night out solving a crime!? In conjunction with the release of the All Hallows Eve Anthropology, a bunch of authors got together and hosted this event.  I had two friends come with me and we had a blast.  It’s not every night you get to see someone die from a curling iron right next to your table as they serve dessert.  I didn’t guess the right killer, but I did score some autographs for some of my library collection.

Have you ever hosted or attended a murder mystery dinner? What did you think?

3.  My kids love the “There was an old lady books”.  We have quite a collection of the different ones, but the Halloween version is one of their favorites!

Do your kids have favorite Halloween books?

4. Harry Potter!  Who doesn’t love Harry Potter this time of year?  It’s just magical and just right for fall!  My kids have been watching the movies here and there, although all of them are too scared to watch most of 6 and both from book 7.  We (meaning I) decided we would do a family theme this year for Halloween and made everyone select a character from Harry Potter.  Everyone is pretty happy with this, except my 8 year old, who always seems to want to be the most gruesome character he can be.  After much deliberation he is going for a dementor.  Although I still think he should be Snape or Lord Voldemort  It doesn’t get more evil than him.  I am also old fashion, or frugal, or something – because I always enjoy having our Halloween costumes be homemade.  And when I say homemade, I mean made by Grandma with a little tiny help by me. (although I did manage two robes and a skirt).

If you could be any Harry Potter character, who would you be?

5. I am LOVING these Halloween printable, that I found here.  I think my little girl, I mean Hermione, needs a couple of these special books to carry around with her on Halloween.

Do you have a favorite Halloween craft you want to share?  I would love some new ideas!

Check back later today for a special post about a book club idea….and have a great weekend!

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