Friday Five

October 16, 2015

Today I’m sharing 5 completely random and not related five tidbits/thoughts I’ve had swirling around my head all week….
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1.  I was talking to another mom the other day and she looked at me and said ” I just want you to know, I think you are amazing.  You have it ALL TOGETHER” 

I seriously bust out laughing.  REALLY?  ME?  She then brought up a couple posts she had seen on Instagram and Facebook of things our family had done recently. To which I  quickly replied to her –

“Yeah, we did those.  But those are only pictures.  Snapshots and not the whole story.” 

Yes – We went hiking.  Our friends invited us on such a fun weekend vacation.  Honestly, we never could have done that vacation if they hadn’t been gracious enough to invite us.  The pictures didn’t show I had a headache all weekend, or the million and one times our five year old was was trying to go to the bathroom behind a rock. They didn’t show that my 6 year old girl only packed one pair of jeans and her swim suit on the weekend trip???!  (I am trying (obviously unsuccessfully) to teach the kids to pack themselves)…no trip is perfect.

It really was a fun trip. Really – we did have a great time.  And they kids are begging to go back!
But every trip has it’s moments, right?
A picture can say a thousand words.  But it can hide a whole bunch too.

Isn’t that so true?  I am always finding myself comparing myself to other moms or other families because of what I see on Facebook, blogs or Instagram.  And it’s unfair.  Unfair to myself to do that .  We rarely see the whole story. 
Trust me.  I do not have it all together.

Just that day I was struggling and having such a hard time holding it together.

A picture does not accurately show much more than one single moment.  And what we post on Instagram, Facebook and blogs is just that – moments of time.  They are not the whole story. Everyone has something.  Everyone has struggles, doubts and fears.  No one has it all together all the time.  No one.

2.  I am 35 years old and I finally…as in  Wednesday this week, not even kidding – figured out how to use a straight iron on my hair.  I feel really silly admitting this.  But I sat down in front of the mirror, propped my phone up on the wall and watched a teenage girl half my age teach me how to curl my hair on youtube.  I probably was more excited about this when I finally got it figured out than I should have been.

Okay – this is a really a frivolous thing.  But I think we all have insecurities.  My hair is one of mine.  I was at work one morning last week (did you know I work a part time job in the WEE hours of the morning?…that’s a whole other story tidbit for you).  I was feeling really feeling grumpy and frumpy about my hair. Then when I was getting ready to leave when someone said to me how she really liked the length of my hair that day.  I believe in tender mercies.  I believe they can even be silly comments like this – Heavenly Father knew I was feeling pretty frumpy about my hair that day and it wasn’t even 7am yet.  And He sent a tender mercy my way.  

3. Friendships matter.  Sisterhood is important. I was feeling pretty crushed about the turnings of a certain friendship in the last month. Then another tender mercy came this week when I checked the mail and got a card from a dear friend.  She sent me a handmade card with a hand-written message with just what I needed to hear.  I am thankful for good friends, and tender mercies.
4. I am good at scripture study -and then I am not. I go through spurts.  I’ve really struggled lately.  See…I DO NOT have it all together.  Until I heard this talk about Ponderize.  This is something I can do.  I’ve been focusing on one scripture a week. Two weeks in and I’m trying.  I can be of good cheer – and do all things. Or at least try my best.
5.  Tomorrow is my 4th half marathon of the year!  I saw this quote on Pinterest (click on the image for the link) and I love it!  I can’t wait.  

Lace up, go outside.  
Stand there – look up at the sky, contemplate how amazing life is
and then

It will be great no matter what my time is.  Because a year ago I couldn’t do this.  And now I can.

And you can.  Get out there.  Run.

Want to share 5 random tidbits or thoughts from your week?
Have a great weekend!

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