Friday Five

October 9, 2015

So I always LOVE when people share links and sites that they love.  It’s one of my favorite ways to find new blogs.  I thought for my Friday Five I would share some of my current favorite blogs that I read, and why.
1. Money Saving Mom…so you might have heard me talk about Money Saving Mom a time or two.  I’ve read all her books (some a couple times).  I really love this blog!  Not only is it full of good deals, and ways to save money, but it’s full of inspiration and uplifting messages too.  I’m pretty excited, because I was chosen to be part of the launch group for her next new book, Money Making Mom.  It will come out next month. You can visit the book’s website here – and sign up to take a free 5 day course.  I’ve been going through the five day course, and let me tell you – today’s message was just what I needed.  

I know this blog doesn’t initially talk about running, or reading, but Crystal does recommend books every now and then, and I’ve read them and they are spot on.  I love her recommendations.  I know she’s talked about running occasionally too.  One of my favorite tips, if you visit her website, is the “skip the deals” tab at the top of the right hand side.  I love a good deal, but sometimes I really just want to read the good stuff too!

2. Modern Mrs. Darcy  – A good friend recommended this site to me maybe a year or so ago, and I have fallen in love with it.  It’s a book blog, but she writes about everything.  This is my go-to site when I am looking for kindle deals, and reading lists.  Anne has a book too, that I’ve read, it’s a pretty good read too. Great site, if you love reading, this is a a site you need to look at!
3. The Hungry Runner Girl  - One of my favorite running blogs to read – The Hungry Runner Girl! I will never be as fast as she is, but I love her funny posts.  She makes me think that I can do it! She also shares lots of training tips and tricks. She also does a lot of training on a treadmill, which makes me think I CAN do this, since I have to spend a lot of time on my treadmill too. Plus, she is always posting the most amazing pictures of salads and cute pictures of her daughter.  She’s a local girl so it’s nice to read her posts and get ideas for running routes and restaurants I should try on my next date night.  I’ve 
4. Run Eat Repeat – I know I’ve talked about this blog before – this is where I got the idea to run while holding hand weights.  It is still killing me – and every time I try it I feel so silly.  Those little tiny 2 pound pink hand weights should not make it as hard as they do, but they do!

Run Eat Repeat is such a fun running blog to follow.  Even if you don’t run, you would enjoy this blog, because I think her blog posts are so witty and funny.  Seriously – I think everyone should read this funny blog.  Go. Now.  Read it.  It will make you laugh.

5. Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books  – This has been one of my favorite go-to book blogs for along time – since I had my old Reading Spot blog.  She’s been around since 2006.  I really appreciate her reviews and usually her book recommendations are spot on for me.  I also really love how she will give each book a grade and a “if this were a movie it would be rated” rating.  I find that super helpful since I appreciate a good clean book and try to stay clear of crazy ones.

There you have it!  Five of my current favorite sites and why I love them.  Of course, I had SO many more blogs that I love that I wanted to share.  I might have to continue this list on another Friday Five.

So….tell me what are some of your favorite blogs and why?
I LOVE hearing about new blogs.  

Please leave a comment, below or on Facebook and share!

And last, but not least – Kathy is the winner of the free ebook!
I’ll get your information to Brittany, who will send you your free ebook!  I hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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