Friday Five

October 30, 2015

Five of my favorite pins this week.  If you aren’t following My Reading Spot on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook – you should!

1. I talked about it yesterday – I need a new goal – something to get me through the end of the year.  I kinda think this idea, Stride Through the Holidays, (click for link)  looks awesome, and it’s for such an awesome cause!

2. One of my favorite pins from this week – 21 Stunning Bookshelves to Build for Your Home Library (click for link).  I seriously cannot decide which one I like the best!  Can I just have all of them?

3.  I really want to focus on eating better as a runner.  I don’t think I could survive Whole 30 – but I do think I need to remember these good tips next time around when I run a half….

4.  Another favorite pin….6 Rules for Eating Right as a Runner.  I need to be so much better at this.  Eating cake before heading out on a run isn’t always the best idea.
5. And last, but not least, I found this super funny video about Pinterest.  I can’t stop laughing when I watch it.  My Readings Spot is on Pinterest now.  Feel free to follow the account and share the pins.  But don’t worry, I won’t post too many DIY projects…because mine always turn out like Pinterest fail projects when I do them. 🙂

What were some of your favorite pins for the week?  
​Leave a comment and link – I would love to see!

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