Weekly Wrap Up: 31, Recovery Week

October 26, 2015


There was not a lot of running going on last week.  It was my recovery week.  It felt good to have a little time off.  I ran 2.5 miles on Thursday – slow and steady, and then 5.5 miles on Saturday. We started at 6am, and man…it’s getting cold and dark!  I didn’t push it and ended with some pretty low miles for the week, but that’s alright.  I kinda think my 5.5 mile loop looks a little bit like my good ‘ol state of Arkansas.  Woo Pig Sooie.

I’ve been reading an advanced copy of Crystal Paine’s (Money Saving Mom) new book, Money Making Mom. It is good stuff.  Good stuff.  If you pre-order now you get some pretty cool freebies too. (you can pre-order here)

It really is a great book.  But if you know me, you know I love her books and her blog, so that really is no surprise.

Friday was a busy day. My husband’s nephew got married, I had some obligations at the school and it was just all around busy.  I also got some disappointing news.  It’s nothing anything I really want to open up and share yet, and maybe not as big of a deal as I am making it, but something I was looking forward too and it fell through.  I think we have all been there, right?

Friday night, after everything was finally settled, I got a chance to sit down and read from my copy of Money Making Mom.  And this paragraph jumped off the page at me….

“My heart sank, It was quite the letdown, especially after spending three days psyching myself up.  The feeling of disappointment grew into discouragement, simmering in my heart for days.  It was time to make a choice between moping and whining that I wasn’t chosen or being grateful that I was even considered in the first place.  I decided to focus on the latter, and let me tell you, it really changed my perspective.  There is always something to be grateful for.  IF you start looking for things to appreciate you’ll begin to find them all around you.” -Crystal Paine, Money Making Mom, page 174

I decided I would give myself one night.  And then I needed to get over it.  I needed to see the good in the situation and look for something to be thankful for.  

I thought I would share with you four things that I do to help me deal with disappointment. I’m not an expert, but I do have certain things that I’ve found really help me see the good and turn my day/week/month around.

1.  Seek Inspiration.  This can be different for all of us. Payer is a big one for me. I love to read scriptures and good books.  I love to listen to good music.  I’ve been on a Piano Guys kick lately.  I love listening to them in the car, and at home.  The kids love them because the play popular songs, and I love it because I don’t have lyrics blaring at me –  it’s classical and soothing.

2.  Go for a run.  Saturday it was nice to go for a run with my sister. I didn’t even discuss my disappointing news with her, but it was nice to run and talk and visit.  Sometimes a run on the treadmill is clearing to my head in the afternoon or evening.

3. Write.  I love to write, in journals or on blogs.  I think writing down your blessings is also a HUGE help when you are feeling down.  Keeping a gratitude journal is a great idea.

4.  Laugh and eat chocolate.  Okay – maybe this isn’t a serious one, but Friday night it sure helped me.  I threw myself a big pitty party that night.  A big bowl of ice cream and some Gilmore Girls on Netflix made everything right.  I think it’s okay to feel sad and disappointed.  It’s okay to give yourself that time.  It’s not okay to dwell in it.  My husband knew I was a little sad that day so he kept making me laugh and laugh throughout our trip to the wedding.  Laughter is amazing.  It can be so great for the soul!

What’s your favorite way to deal with disappointment?

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