Friday Five { 4 things I’m loving, 1 not so much}

November 13, 2015

Four things I’m loving this week – and one not so much….
1. Say what you want – but I am loving Christmas music already!  A friend posted on Facebook about her Blake Shelton Christmas album and I had to find it at the library this week.  She’s right.  It’s a good one.

Are you listening to Christmas music already?
​What’s your favorite Christmas cd?

2. Speaking of Christmas – I love this little nativity I found today at Target.  I collect Nativities and this will be a perfect addition to my collection this year.  How cute is this!!?  I love it when I can find a cute one that the kids can’t break either.
3.  Lately I’ve been reading this little book Positive Thinking Every Day.  It’s easy to pick up and read the thought each morning as I prepare for my day.  
4.  Target.  Target gets me every time.  I had to visit the pharmacy there this morning (see below) and while there we had to take a look around.  Is it even possible to visit the Target Pharmacy and not look at everything else in Target?  I don’t really think so.  I found these two blouses on 50% off clearance! Sweet!
5.  And last – my one thing I am not loving too much this week.  My nine year old thought he had a good year break from the Target Pharmacy. (he’s been off seizure medication for year next month!)  But apparently he is destined to be friends with the place.  This last month he has developed asthma.  We aren’t sure what’s going on but it bothers him a lot at night and now we get to figure out inhalers.  Joy.

What are 5 things you are loving today?
​Or 4 things you are loving and one thing not so much?

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