Make Over Your Mornings: Day 3

November 18, 2015


One thing I’ve heard Crystal say a time or two is to give yourself a little grace.  I am thinking a lot about that this week.  We’ve had some unexpected family emergencies come up (are emergencies ever expected?) and I am giving myself a little grace.
Monday my 5 year old woke up tired and didn’t want to get going for school.  I let him stay home because he was just so sleepy.  It ended up the right thing to do because he had a seizure, we were transported to a local hospital, where he had another prolonged seizure, and then transported to the children’s hospital.  He was heavily medicated and didn’t wake up for until about 4:30 the next morning.  He had some tests and we were able to come home.  He will now be on daily seizure medications.  The last 48 hours have been long and stressful.

I’m giving myself a little grace.  With posting, with reading, with running, with Make Over Your mornings.  With life this week.

Last night before getting the kids in bed I had everyone prepare for today. (the focus for day two) They all got laundry put away and picked out their outfit for school.  I looked up the lunch menu for today and had everyone make their choice of hot lunch or home lunch. 

That made all the difference this morning! I slept in but was still able to get up a little before everyone and wake up them up for school.  Our morning went so much smoother.  Even when my little girl spilled her hot chocolate on her favorite shirt she was able to quickly recover and pick out another outfit without too much drama.

I didn’t read the day 3 chapter at my planned time.  But once I got the older three off to school and the younger 2 settled with a movie (there will be a lot of movie time this week) I was able to sit down and watch and read Day 3.


One quote I really loved from today’s assignment was when Crystal quoted the book “What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”.  I really needed this reminder.  Checking and cleaning out my inbox is something I love to do early, but it is not something I need to absolutely do before the kids go to school.

Tomorrow I am going to focus on the important things.  The big rocks.  Two of those are:
-Reading my scriptures or a spiritual thought
-writing down what I am thankful for

What are big rocks or important things in your life?
How are your mornings going?

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