Make Over Your Mornings: Day 7

November 24, 2015


Halfway!  Woo hoo!

Day’s lesson is all about accountability.  What do you accountability and a running streak have in common?
Let me tell you…

I’ve had some really bad couple weeks with running.  I took a week for recovery after my last half marathon.  Then life was super busy and we had two birthdays.  Then I just didn’t get back in the grove.  I thought signing up for Piling on the Miles challenge would help me, but then my little guy had his seizures last week and we were in this hospital and I could just not emotionally do it.  I didn’t run all last week. 

I really need some motivation in the running category.  So while I’m still working on making and breaking down some specific goals from Day 5 and 6, I figured I might as well move ahead with this.  I need an accountability partner for running.  And I really want to try this running streak.  I can handle at least a mile a day.  ( I think!).  

I asked my two running buddies to do the streak with me – and to be my accountability partners.  Since we log all our workouts on the Map My Run app, they will see and makes sure that I get my lazy bum with it and do this every day.

The challenge doesn’t officially start until Thursday….which is good, because tomorrow we will be spending 12 hours in the car driving to Washington.  I’m still trying to figure out how I can manage a mile run on the day we will be driving back home.

I’m not sure how good I will be at taking the Make Over Your Morning class every single day during Thanksgiving break.  But I am SO happy with everything that I’ve learned and put into effect in my life because of this class.  I am really looking forward to waking up and feeling so much better and prepared to start my day!

Have you ever had an accountability partner?  
How did it work for you?
Interested in making over your mornings with me?  
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