Make Over Your Mornings: Day 8

November 30, 2015

Phew – I did take a couple days off from this course last week because of Thanksgiving. But I did work on waking up and taking time to prepare for my day.  I can really feel a difference in my day when I wake up and prepare.  And it makes ALL the difference.

I had such a great relaxing Thanksgiving with family, but I have to admit – I was a little eager to get home and get back on schedule with this course. I worked on day eight at the hotel this morning as we were getting ready to head out. I read the course work and then watched and listened to the video as I was getting ready for the day. I LOVED the subject this morning. I loved the take away and it gave me so much to think about.

Day eight talks a lot about to-do lists. I am the QUEEN of making lists. I LOVE lists. I love making them and crossing things off. I loved this quote towards the end of the lesson. I feel like printing this out and hanging it throughout my house.


The project (take away work) for day eight is already something that I’ve already been gearing up and thinking a lot about for 2016….how I want to keep these lists and schedule my day. Our schedules are always going so many different directions.  Between the kids, activities, church service and jobs I am really wanting to revamp how I make lists and keep track of our schedule.  I am always flip flopping around if I want to do this digitally – and with what app – or with paper – and with what planner. I have been researching and working through some ideas in the past month and have some really great ideas and resources I am going to share on a separate post this week  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Are you a list maker?  How do you keep track of schedules?  I would love to hear how you make it work for you and your family!

And really – I know I’ve said it before, but I am seriously loving this online morning course.  It has really made me really think and look forward to waking up every day.  I am hoping to really get into some great habits by the beginning of 2016.  If you are interested in taking this course with me click the link below for more information.  You won’t regret it!

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