Morning Challenge

November 4, 2015


Monday I posted about how I signed up to do thePiling on the Miles Challenge that RunEatRepeat is hosting.  I’m pretty excited about this because I am finding I really need challenges or goals to work towards for motivation.  I like this challenge because you can set your own goal.  I made my goal to run 20 miles a week during the month of November and keep track of my calories and stay under my calorie goal.

So far I feel pretty good about my 20 miles a week goal.  Monday I knocked out 5 miles and then I ran 2 miles yesterday and today for 9 miles so far this week total.

But the calories.  Ugh. I have to be honest.  I can’t stand tracking my calories.  I have such a love hate relationship with My Fitness Pal.  I was hoping to try it again for this challenge and maybe my opinion would change. 

But then Monday and Tuesday I noticed something.  I tried oatmeal for breakfast and I felt SO much better those mornings. It’s something I usually eat a lot of in the winter anyway, but not constantly. Honestly, I really struggle with breakfast – I work a part time job early the morning, so I grab a snack before that, but then I get home and get busy and often skip it but then I am starving by 10 am, or I eat it but then am starving again after my morning run.  I feel like I can never get it right.  This morning I woke up feeling sick so I took some migraine medicine, ate a piece of Halloween candy with it (just being honest here) – my headache got a little better, but was starving and feeling so hungry all morning in comparison to the other days this week when I actually took the time and ate oatmeal.  So as soon as I got the last school kid off to school I made the decision - I am changing my challenge goal.  Forget tracking the calories (although I might still do that) but I am eating oatmeal every day for breakfast.

It’s only day 4 so I hope that is okay!
I want to challenge myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning – and I’m keeping the 20 miles a week goal, of course.

I really want to start focusing on making my mornings more useful and eating a little bit more healthy. I think this is a good, easy, place to start.  I’ve also gone back and forth about taking Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Morning class. Would anyone else want to take it with me?

Sounds silly – and simple.  But I’m going for it.
My newest favorite are these Steel Cut instant oatmeal packets.  I mix in some frozen mixed berries too.

Anyone else want to join me?
What’s your favorite oatmeal and mix in?  
I’ve got a lot of days to go – I’m going to need some ideas!

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