November Book Club: Out of My Mind, Part 1

November 3, 2015

YAY!  I am so excited to finally post and talk about this book.  It’s different for me, because I’m intentionally trying to read this book slowly and I am going to talk about it in sections, versus reading and posting one review.  But I think this book club will be fun and I’m excited to see how it goes, what you all think and where it takes us!

My of the book (from the library) has some discussion questions in the back.  I might steal a couple of those, so are you read you can always glance back and read through those and think about those as you read.  After looking through the book I thought it would be easiest to divide the book into thirds.  Today we are going to talk about chapters 1-10.

Let’s get started…..

From the very first chapter I was hooked into this book.  I love the the discussion of words and language.  How would your world be different if you could not communicate?  If you couldn’t speak or communicate yourself with words?

In chapter 4 Melody’s mom takes her to a doctor so she can get ready to go to school.  This chapter really moved me.  I wanted to throw the book across the room!  There are a couple lines in this chapter that really made me think….

“I know the name of her condition, Doctor,” My mother said with ice in her voice.  ”But a person is so much more than the name of a diagnosis on a chart!”

I LOVE this.  LOVE it.  A person is so much more than a label.  What are your thoughts? Have you seen this in your life?

Melody talks about her school.  What do you guys think of her school?  I can’t stand that they have a different teacher every single year – I kinda what to march right into the district office and ask what is wrong with these people?

I’m stealing this question from the back of the book – because I love it and it’s been on my mind. (And the cover of this book.)  What is the significant about the story of Ollie the fish?  How does Ollie’s life mirror Melody’s?  
I want to her your thoughts….

And then at the end of the first section we read about Penny joining their family. I was worried about this when I read it.  I’m worried about how this will change the dynamics of the family.  I’m worried about how Penny will feel about Melody. I’m worried about Melody’s care.  I think of my friend with special need children.  I am always amazed with them and their patience and kind spirits.  I wonder what they would think of this book and Melody’s mind.

Tell me your thoughts – how has the reading going?  How far along are you?  Are you finished?  What do you think?  Has this book changed you and how you view anything in your life so far?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

I’ll post about the next third of the book later this week.

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